Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If first you don't gelingen... (updated)

In German, that word means "succeed" - and after nodding off the bar near regulation time, RB Leipzig forward Terrence Boyd scored his first competitive goal in the country with a DfB-Pokal insurance goal in extras. The Red Bulls tied it in stoppage time, then hit twice in the overtime periods to advance to the third round.

UPDATE: Sha-blam.

- Greg Seltzer

Holden On Strong

Folks, it ain't over until Stuart Holden says it's over. And he says it ain't over.

- Greg Seltzer

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

AS Wicked Awesome?

No, Roma has not changed their name. They have, however, appointed Mia Hamm and Cam Neely (yeah, that Cam Neely) to the board of directors.

Next up for the club: the "caf" sells chowd-ah.

- Greg Seltzer

Monday, October 27, 2014

Deuce Ventura: Flag Detective

I have been informed that, as of right now, Clint Dempsey has not been in loan talks with any of the three Prem clubs linked in this nonsense. And I would not expect any to bloom, either. Full report coming at MLSS shortly.

- Greg Seltzer


Let us now catch up with what they USWNT were up to this weekend. Nothing much, just clinching a World Cup place with a win over Mexico and then Wambach-ing Costa Rica for the CONCACAF crown. Ho-hum.

- Greg Seltzer

Instant Mix

I do not typically go out of my way to post assist passes, but considering the strange USMNT usage (if not also World Cup 2014 non-usage) of Mikkel Diskerud and any resulting discussions of how he should be used, it seemed a good idea to show you all his helper pass on the Rosenborg second yesterday.

And I rest my case.

- Greg Seltzer