Friday, July 3, 2015

Your USMNT line-up v. Guatemala

- Greg Seltzer


The agent for Conor O'Brien has just confirmed to me that his client has heavy interest back in the Danish top flight, along with some in those of Austria and Belgium.

I have yet to pinpoint any club names, but I would bet dollars to quality donuts that Aalborg is in the admiring crowd. You know I do not tend to air transfer hunches very easily, soooo yeeeah, feelin' pretty good about that one. But it is still firmly a hunch and not news.

Full hunch-less MLSS report coming shortly.

- Greg Seltzer

Let's all play "What do you want to see tonight?"!!

I'll start. While it's a Gold Cup tune-up against Guatemala tonight, I want to see the top USMNT line-up, as if this was a final. And frankly, the line-up below is rather close to the clipboard version I'd post with a full pool available. Of course, that sort of opinion still has a lot of pull left over from last summer's exploits and it is time to move past that effect. So, effectively, I want the last known default setting tonight. It deserves a chance to show it's still the goods around these parts.

I'm really not quiet sure how to shake out the entire right side, though, so let's give the match fitness-challenged duo of Bedoya and Yedlin 45 minutes each to start settling that attack position first. We can work back from there, I think, because the eventual best option may be starting them together. In fact, that sounds like a very deadly flank combo, fast and fastidious. And for crying out loud, give Ream his left back look already. Far less accomplished players have received far more to date. It's his turn now.

Oh... and I do not want to see a diamond. No no no. Any small, quick team that likes to tic-tac-toe up the middle would thank you.

- Greg Seltzer

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Heating Topic

This German report from last night mentions England, and then later adds Italy and Spain at the end, as places with sprouted interest in 1860 Munich forward Bobby Wood. I can now confirm he does, in fact, have multiple potential bidders from outside Germany - where Fortuna Düsseldorf, Bundesliga risers Ingolstadt, Kaiserslautern, Union Berlin and perhaps one or two others still have standing offers. Honestly, I am not sure if Stuttgart are still around, but it has seemed rather quiet over there. I also cannot personally confirm Braunschweig, but they have been name-dropped often in the german press.

So... I cannot yet throw a thumbs up or The Offside Flag on any of those three countries listed by TZ or pinpoint any club names, but then I only started trying an hour ago. Any way you slice it, the Wood crowd has definitely grown wider, in every sense of the word. Obviously, an English suitor would carry the weight of work permit concerns. A full MLSS report, hopefully with more specifics, will go up at some point today.

- Greg Seltzer

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Final Date

One derby survival by hosts Chile and one Godzilla stroll by Argentina, and we have ourselves a tasty Copa América final match-up set for Saturday.

- Greg Seltzer

The Cesar Weapon

Held out of the start due to jet lag, FC Pyunik ace Cesar Romero wasted little time after being subbed in at the break before bagging the 2-1 winner over Folgore for his first Champions League goal. Will he still be on the team when they head to San Marino for the second leg of first round qualifying? We shall see, but for now you can check out his goal play, which start around the :40 mark.

- Greg Seltzer