Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oi Vey - Part Soixante-Deux

Yeah, so apparently the reason John Anthony Brooks was dropped from the selection this past weekend (for a 2-1 loss at Bayer Leverkusen) is because he got a large and apparently super-sensitive tattoo on his back, which caused him to miss training.

Hmm. Setting aside that this was surely not wise timing for such personal expression, I cannot help but wonder what has happened to tattoos. When I got mine back as a teenager back in 1987 (shut your face), I played ice hockey twice the same week. If you have ever played (or stood near someone who just had), you will know this is just about the sweatiest endeavor an Earthling can undertake. Don't believe me? Go smell the inside of a hockey glove after it's had some time to dry post-game, then check back with me.

But who knows with this order for the hothouse flower of tattoos? Seems to me being crawled on by defenders might be worse than perspiration, but one could certainly wear some sort of undershirt set-up that helps both conditions. Maybe Brooks just got a big tattoo of Sheldon Cooper. In any event, I think Tim Ream is sizing up his USMNT inside track right about now...

- Greg Seltzer

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To answer your questions...

Yes, Jozy Altidore is back in the traveling squad for the to trip to Manchester City tonight. Does he make the 18? We shall see. You already know what I think they should do, but Gus Poyet even got some stick for it in England when he entirely left the US striker out of the cup final loss to Citeh. Yeah, that was weird.

Meanwhile, Timothy Chandler has resumed training with the ball, but still on the side. May both he and all my dinged St. Louis Blues stars regain full fitness very soon. Amen.

Also, folks have been wondering what suddenly happened to Sacha Kljestan at Anderlecht. A mainstay for most of his time in Brussels, Inspector Kljouseau has started just four of 12 matches since returning from a winter injury, with a DNP in in six of them and another two in which he was pulled at halftime.

What has changed? Well, Cheikhou Kouyaté is now sliding into defensive midfield, but there is a much more pronounced reason. And that reason is a 16-year-old Belgium prodigy named Youri Tielemans. Here is a sample of what the kid can do, from a Champions League group phase match at Olympiakos.

YOURI TIELEMANS vs Olympiacos (Home) 2013/14 HD from Belgo TV on Vimeo.

- Greg Seltzer

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mike Magee, MVP of Life

Cool in front of goal, cooler with the Twitters. And allow me to give some credit to the fan, as well. I very much like it when people realize no one is above being corrected by example.

- Greg Seltzer

Monday, April 14, 2014

Say what you will about his play.

But if one goes so far as to assail the character of Jozy Altidore, they are merely spouting nonsense in my book. And certainly in the book of Nathan Brown.

Meanwhile, Gus Poyet finally seems to have managed realization that Altidore is also not his real headache. He may be in luck; I might just explain the problem for him real soon.

- Greg Seltzer

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You Juan it? You got it.

Four minutes after he hopped off the bench, Juan Agudelo nodded home a restart to give FC Utrecht a 2-0 lead over visiting Heracles. It counts as his second Eredivisie goal, they will go in this post if he adds more.

Juan Agudelo door goalsandmore

- Greg Seltzer

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I can confirm that Jozy Altidore is out today with an unspecified knock. However, it is minor and he should be available this coming week.

- Greg Seltzer