Saturday, August 1, 2015

Left of Central

After a couple of sketchy outings in the Gold Cup, the Brooks lead over Besler has dwindled to almost nothing. Actually, I am a bit annoyed that the Sporting KC defender has not appeared in USMNT colors for six months. Spector sits here for now, but as we all know he would be a highly versatile pick. If he starts the new season like he finished the last one, he deserves a look.

As for Goodson, I am still unclear as to why he was jettisoned - did you know the Nats have won his last eight starts with just six goals allowed, including the entire knockout Gold Cup run in 2013 and World Cup qualifying wins over Mexico and Panama? Umm, yeah, and there is also that set piece target factor. It would have been nice to have seen Schuler and/or Whitbread by now, but neither can stay fit long enough.

John Anthony Brooks
Matt Besler
Jonathan Spector

Not finished yet: Clarence Goodson

Stay healthy and we can talk: Chris Schuler

Find a club, stay healthy and we can talk: Zak Whitbread

- Greg Seltzer

And while we are at it...

Over the past few days, various French outlets (such as this one) have made claims that Lyon are in and pushing for a DeAndre Yedlin loan. I have been told that this is untrue. I am guessing that they have simply made or invented some connection to old interest and ran with it. But nope, nothing doing.

- Greg Seltzer

This just in...

I am still working on some details, but can confirm that free agent striker (and Sunday birthday boy) Cesar Romero has signed with Macedonian champs Vardar Skopje. Obviously, you were all hoping for a somewhat bigger league quality jump, but it is still a bit tougher than in Armenia.

- Greg Seltzer

RCB in the place to be

There are actually more potential candidates for this slot than you could shake a stick at, but with cohesion a big problem these days... umm yeah, keeping it trim. Besides, you might see a versatile one shifted over to that thinner left side later today.

Anywaaaaay, I am not really sure why Gonzo was usurped, just as I am not really sure Alvarado should be ahead of Orozco - arguably the best restart target threat in the back line these days, which is a real consideration for me. That is not to say I am sour on the young defender, but center back at the international level takes time. It is not the same game he sees in Liga MX by any stretch of the imagination. But, hey, you know who did look cool as a cucumber in his brief look? Hedges. Bring me Hedges.

Omar Gonzalez
Michael Orozco

Ventura Alvarado

Needs a call: Matt Hedges

Needs a January call (or sooner, because he can also play left center back): Shane O'Neill

- Greg Seltzer

Friday, July 31, 2015

I was stalling.

Okay, enough decision time. Here is my current right back slot on the Clipboard. From right now, I would give Yedlin every right back minute possible - not sure why everyone seems to have abandoned him as a defender, where he has the potential to be more impacting. You all know my thoughts on Lichaj and his place outside the frame. I like Evans, but would sure like to see him ship more crosses. Chandler has obvious skills and potential, but I cannot figure out why he is a but more absent-minded in a USMNT shirt. I am not on that heart-doubting bandwagon, but hell if I know the divide from his Bundesliga level. Maybe he should watch a couple on TV. And yeah, I know Farrell is a full-time center back for the Revs this season... but I still would also care to see him on the right for the Nats. I am curious.

DeAndre Yedlin
Eric Lichaj
Brad Evans

Needs a call: Andrew Farrell

Needs something... but also in the frame: Timothy Chandler

I will get both central spots up tomorrow. Umm, be patient on left back.

- Greg Seltzer

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How does one say "Ducks in a row" in Spanish?

While we are on the topic of the guys playing in Liga MX, maybe we should catch you up on everybody's current address. There has been quite a bit of movement. This should have everyone involved with the top flight first teams, as well as a few past and present USMNT youth internationals down in the second division.

Ventura Alvarado - Club América
Paul Arriola - Tijuana
Fernando Arce, Jr. - Tijuana
Jonathan Bornstein - Querétaro
Edgar Castillo - Monterrey
Joe Corona - Veracruz
Gabriel Farfan - Chiapas
Dennis Flores - León
Gregory Garza - Atlas
Herculez Goméz - Tijuana
Sonny Guadarrama - Atlante*
Alejandro Guido - Tijuana
Miguel Ibarra - León
Benji Joya - Necaxa*
Alejandro Moreno - Tijuana
Juan Pablo Ocegueda - Oaxaca*
Michael Orozco - Tijuana
John Requejo - Tijuana
Esteban Rodríguez - Tijuana
José Francisco Torres - Tigres
William Yarbrough - León

- Greg Seltzer