Thursday, December 4, 2008

Da Bease on da move?

I've gotten birdie word that Rangers winger DaMarcus Beasley is being sought by Wolfsburg, and a report out of Scotland suggests that Espanyol are also interested. I was hoping to get something on this today, but alas... I must return to the trail in the morning. With any luck, I should have a story up at Soccer 365 before lunchtime in New York.

UPDATE: Tuttomercato has added Osasuna to the Run DMB mix.

Elsewhere, Kicker reports that 'Gladbach have joined the crowd around Standard center back Oguchi Onyewu. There is also some action around Reading attacker Bobby Convey (no, not from MLS) and Hansa Rostock left-sider Heath Pearce, but I can't really say anything about these items just yet.

Finally, Real Salt Lake defender Ian Joy was the subject of a midweek German report that states he is in Hamburg to talk return with former club St. Pauli - but he told me today that is not the case. Joy will merely be hanging around the Millerntor to spend some time with old friends.

- Greg Seltzer


Harris said...

I figured Ian was just vacationing ... in a great city no less

Greg Seltzer said...

He is. And that's not to say that he won't find his way back to a European club during the offseason - just not this one right now.

ZEPFAN said...

Great site Greg. Look forward every morning to read it. Then look at several times during the day. Thanks and keep up the good work. So where is Heath Pearce going? Gooch? Marshall? In your opinion of course!! What did you think of the U20 Team we sent to Spain? Again thanks for the blog/site it is great!!!!

Greg Seltzer said...

Thanks for the kind words, ZEPFAN.

Heath? Too early to tell. Denmark, England, Germany and the Netherlands are the usual suspects.

Gooch? Word has it Marseille made an offer. I think that would work. Of course, Lyon may still have something to say about that. He'd fit well in Germany, but short of Hamburg, I'm not excited by any of the clubs linked with him over the last year. Of course, Espanyol could win the day because... well... it's in Barcelona.

Marshall? Germany, I'd say... though any club guesses would be exactly that: guesses. But what the hell? I'll throw out educated guess possibilities like Cologne, Eintracht Frankfurt or 'Gladbach.

The U-20 team had an interesting mix of players. Though the results weren't great, that wasn't the point of the trip. Thomas Rongen was able to get some talented youngsters (Bernardo, Flores, Ibrahim, Lambo, etc.) a little seasoning.

ZEPFAN said...

Thanks for the immediate respsonse. Beas needs to go to Spain. IMO