Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few things...

Shuck and jive and all that jazz...

#1 - Don't expect Michael Parkhurst to be unveiled at FC Nordsjælland until next week, but fear not. The deal is completely done, just shhhh don't tell anybody yet.

The Wild Tigers head into the winter break after Monday's visit from Aarhus GF, and then we will see the erstwhile New England Rev presented by his new employers.

#2 - I know, I know... I owe a Top 5 List. It's coming. First, I was distracted by the distracting monster, and then news items occurred to obliterate the list I was nearly done with. I am going to re-work it and have it up soon.

#3 - The Crew have managed to hang onto league MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto, which really doesn't surprise me. Now, if they can just find a new center back stud to replace the already packing Chad Marshall.

- A Generation adidas squad of 16 has been named for a tour of England next week that will see them perform in front of a lot of scouts. Expect at least two of these players to draw some winter interest overseas, with Bakary Soumare and Marvell Wynne the obvious hot items.

#5 - Midweek UEFA Cup action sees a pair of Americans involved; Oguchi Onyewu and Belgian kings Standard hosting Sampdoria tonight with a chance to clinch passage to the knockouts, while keeper Brads Friedel and Guzan help Aston Villa welcome Group F mites Zilina on Thursday.

#6 - I like this Cut of the Day so much, I'm gonna leave it up a little longer. I know it's a year old, but I just heard it for the first time on Sunday. AND she's so cute and the song is so brilliant, I'm going to make you watch a live version.

- Greg Seltzer


pete said...

Greg, really enjoy the site.

Was wondering if there was something that could be done with you post updates?

Those of us who subscribe to your RSS feed often miss out on updated posts.

Wasn't sure if that was something blogger had worked around.

Greg Seltzer said...


That is a fantastic question, which I do not have an answer for.

M Vann said...

Greg, speaking of cut of the day, if you like the original check out Newton Faulkner's cover of Foundations. Pure class, I tell ya!!