Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few things...

Sorry for the delay on this one. I'm superb at technical difficulties.

#1 - Mainz trialist Chad Marshall will return to Columbus Saturday to await a contract offer, says German daily Allgemeine Zeitung.

My German is mediocre, but from the quotes one can infer that coach Jörn Andersen is over the moon with Marshall's aerial ability and overall performance and that the player has his heart set on becoming an 05'er.

The MLS Defender of the Year also asserts that the TwooB (saying 2.Bundesliga is cumbersome... I shortened it... pronounce it like "tube") has better on the ball play than back home.

I'll try to call around on this, but I'm not sure anyone will spill beans for me, so don't expect much. Damn players, agents and execs... why can't they just tell me everything on my schedule, right? Bah!

UPDATE: I managed to get a little bit out of Mainz, who genuinely seem to hope they can sign Marshall.

#2 - To all players, agents and execs: I was just joking. Still tell me stuff sometimes, I really appreciate it.

- Hmmmm. Out of a clear Blues sky, The Telegraph has gone listed Landon Donovan as one of its Top 10 Targets list for this winter transfer period - and then links him with Everton.

NSC reader Stephen sent me an email asking if I'd heard anything about this, and I hope he doesn't find it untoward that I snipped a bit of my reply out to post here.

Anyway... oddly enough, I heard a long while back, surely over a year ago if not more, that Davie Moyes wanted to land Donovan... but it kinda died quickly and soon was never mentioned again.

Or was it?

In any event, I think Everton would be a great fit for him (as long as they don't suspect he could be a proper Yakubu replacement). He would be surrounded by scrappy players with a good coach on a team that now usually goes to Europe and has yet to play its best ball of the season by my estimation.

Hmmm indeed. Could that possibly explain why the Bayern loan hasn't been made official yet? Whatever the hold-up, Soccer America's Ridge Mahoney is quite rightfully telling MLS to make with the business already.

#4 - Reading keeper Marcus Hahnemann will probably miss at least one start with a calf injury. Royals press officer deluxe Andy West told me yesterday that the American was set for a scan today or tomorrow.

Then last evening, Hahnemann confirmed to a local paper that he would most likely miss their game against Norwich. He picked up the injury during a kick gone awry.

Sheffield Wednesday's Frank Simek and Watford's Jay DeMerit are also having more injury woes, and I am trying to get an update from each.

UPDATE: Demerit will not play this weekend, but hopes to be ready the following match. Also, he revealed to me that clubs have been calling his agent again. "We'll see what happens, you never know," said JayD.

And fellow S365'er Andrew Rogers beat me to the Simek punch... doesn't sound like a major setback.

#5 - This article mentions possible Norwich interest in a Brian McBride loan.

Even though I don't believe he'd go for a second... this loan star stuff is making me nervous. It simply cannot get out of hand every January.

I'm starting to dislike the MLS head office again, and just after they had finally gotten out of my doghouse... (shakes head).

#6 - Ahhhh letting the title winning coach get away, one of sport's most sound maneuvers... Sigi Schmid is now officially out as Crew boss, but Columbus Dispatch All-Star Shawn Mitchell reminds us the situation is not so simple as him just signing with Seattle in a snap.

In addition, strike star Alejandro Moreno hints the team wants assistant coach Robert Warzycha to take over.

#7 - Lee Nguyen scored a hat trick in a friendly on his trial with Vietnamese side Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC. Not only is the coach pleased, but the player sounds like he is up for the move.

Could this be a heritage thing that Lee feels he needs to do at least once? That would be understandable, I think. One's gotta do what they gotta do to be happy in life. Be assured I will ask him about all this if I get the chance.

Interesting side note: Danish pal Poul-Henrik Worm has informed me that HAGL have a working relationship with Arsenal.

#8 - You can expect three Top 5 Lists from me over the next several days. The first of these has to do with Brazilian players, and should be done tonight. I will then be doing a non-soccer Top 5 just to keep things extra fresh (plus The Distracter wants to read something I wrote that isn't about soccer).

And if we're really lucky, good buddy Alex Abnos is finally going to drop that Top 5 he's been threatening. So yeah, it could actually be four T5L's coming in the next week.

- Greg Seltzer


Stephen said...

Nothing new on Charlie Davis?

Stephen said...

Correction "Charlie Davies", I apparently need more coffee.

Greg Seltzer said...

Not yet, that I'm aware of.

Stephen said...

What is your opinion on Charlie being able to make the jump up to Ligue 1? Doesn't look like he'll have much time to adjust with the team in the bottom of the standings. Thanks for the site, it is one of the first ones I check each morning.

Greg Seltzer said...

Thanks, Stephen.

I think Charlie would do just fine, and I'd love to see him work with a lively tall partner like Svěrkoš.

I think Sochaux are a little better than their results to date show. They have only one win from 17 games, but the goal differential is just -7... thanks to nine draws and six one-goal losses. I doubt they end up going down.

Stephen said...

Hasn't Demerit been at Watford for a number of years now? Maybe a change would be a good thing. Is the interest from only English teams?