Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Third verse, same as the first...

[Photo: Andreas Eriksson/Hammarby IF]

Okay... I have a few transfer bits, but I need to sort it all out and write up a couple items.

I will slowly build this post up as I go. Here is the Cliff Notes daytime serial version:

Davies is, in fact, in deep talks with a Ligue 1 team, believed to be Sochaux (but not confirmed)... Onyewu has two tabled offers and wider interest from several teams... none of the Beasley interest has risen to a serious level... and Eric's evil twin has kidnapped Skye, who left Rock waiting at the docks, where he was seduced and then shot by Savannah Cruxworth.

(organ music)

Plot #1 - My Charlie Davies bit is now up at Soccer365. If I had to guess... it will take a good €2 million, if not more, to land the young American. At this point, the vibe is: this one will go through.

Also, if you want to bid on a game worn Davies HIF shirt, you have five days left. I'd suggest getting some Swedish help.

Plot #2 - My Gooch article is now also up at S365. Basically, it seems like the summer, only with a more heated and faster starting auction. Boy, we've all said this before... but it really seems like he may soon finally be gone from Standard forever.

For my money, the French offer came one of Lyon/Marseille/PSG and the German bid came from 'Gladbach. The Italian and Spanish suitors are anybody's guess, with several plausible possibilities in each league.

Plot #3 - Well... that pretty well covers the Beasley story, actually. For now, at the least.

- Greg Seltzer


Ryan said...

So is it safe to say Beasley will not be going anywhere this winter?

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh, I didn't say that. His interest is just very mild and introductory at this time. It is still very, very early in this transfer season.

Phillip said...


Any chance of finding out more about this Lee Nguyen move to Vietnam? Tell me he's joking.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, I will ask him all about it if I get the chance.

Unknown said...

Do you know if there has been any interest in Europe for Robbie Rogers?????

Ryan said...

Ahh, got ya. Thanks

Greg Seltzer said...

If I am remembering correctly, Robbie is not interested in leaving Columbus this season. I can't recall if I read that or was told that second-hand.

Even if that is the case, I'm sure some teams have him on the radar. With his trials out of college, brief time at Heerenveen, youth international major tourney appearances and MLS title exposure, he is no mystery commodity in Europe.

bhamhawker said...

Hey Gregg, any idea how Gabe Ferrari is doing over at Sampdoria?