Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few things...

I gotta move quickly. All of this work is cutting into my leisure time...

#1 - Please do note the Cut of the Day. It has a nice ring to it today.

Not to get too political, but let's give this guy an honest shot - even if he is a West Ham supporter. My scouting report on him isn't devoid of red marks, but I think he is just the puzzle piece we need.

He studies the game and opponents, keeps his head about him and makes a real effort for the colors. He passes well, is always looking to get forward and makes those around him better.

Of course, like most Americans, he needs to work on his cross from the wings.

#2 - I think this Sacha Kljestan-to-Celtic deal may be about to go down. That's all I will say for now.

#3 - Vålerenga keeper Troy Perkins is back in U.S. camp after a club bonding retreat with the esteemed Norwegian Special Forces. He is kind enough to talk about the experience at the official USMNT blog. (UPDATE: Here's part two.

The superb page also has Sweden's updated roster for Saturday (no Henrik Larsson) and an informative podcast (mp3 link) with keeper Matt Pickens.

#4 - The official Bundesliga site talks with some Bayern Munich forward named Landon Donovan.

#5 - Voting is open to pick Philadelphia's MLS club name here.

#6 - The Touchline's Luis Bueno reports Chivas USA could soon land San Jose-born Mexico hopeful Jesús Padilla from sister club CD Guadalajara.

The forward (facetiously nicknamed "El Gringo") isn't going to switch allegiances, but he has been drawing raves from Chivas preseason camp and could soften the blow of some potential attack departures with his arrival.

#7 - I'm sure many of you know that Marcia Williams, wife of Real Salt Lake playmaker Andy, is battling a very rare type of leukemia - which is certainly nasty enough in generic form.

Problem is, they haven't found a bone marrow donor match, and the only alternative is not terribly enticing. RSL are having two drives to find a match, which James Edwards of the Deseret News advertises before delivering Andy's full status report.

Let's all send this couple our best wishes. Stay strong, you two.

- Greg Seltzer


George H said...

Ugh, this is the first thing that I don't like about Obama, but it's nice to hear that he's at least a fan of the beautiful game.

Micah said...

Hey Greg,

love the site. I read on that Kljestan is playing with another trialist from Chelsea that Celtic are keen to sign as he has been good in training. It goes on to say the Kljestan has just been OK. So are they really on the verge of signing him or are they looking into this other kid more seriously now? Here is the linkl to the article.,17033,8652_4829149,00.html

Let me know what you think if you have time.

Greg Seltzer said...

Thanks for the kind words, Micah.

Nielsen is a striker, so it's not competition for Kljestan. I can only assume the story is framed in that manner because Nielsen is a Chelsea player.

AdamTheRed said...