Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few things...

[Photo: Bayern Munich]

I'm not what anyone would consider "well", so I'll efficiently use my "strength"...

#1 - And oh what a #1 it is! Landon Donovan gets his first chance at a competitive match when Bayern Munich travel to Stuttgart tonight for a DfB Pokal third round clash (kickoff is at the ultra-chic 8:30 pm local time).

If I can muster it, I will do a LIVE... IF! At the least, I will drop the juicier updates here. Expect that, yeah... then maybe a surprise.

I've yet to see the Cali kid listed in any "probable starting line-ups" - hardly a surprise. My bet, though? He sees some good minutes, first called probably. Klinsmann knows it's go time and the trio of Donovan/Klose/Toni hit nine goals in the winter camp friendlies between them.

He's not coming back, Galaxy fans. Sorry.

#2 - Celtic manager Gordon Strachan says he has made his Sacha Kljestan decision, but... he ain't tellin' which way or the other yet. And he makes strange comments.

Translation: a new bidder has come in and mucked this up just. Just when we had it, the kid goes and bags a (expletive deleted) hat trick and the price goes up thanks to an interloper. How do you like that? Why didn't we do this on Friday?

So who is it? Well, if I must throw a few blind darts at the board, I'd probably come up with....just hypothesizing, mostly on budget/need/potential outs... Schalke and maybe...... I don't know. That's all that leaps to mind from his long list of known admirers. Beyond that, I'd really be waving my tail pin around with a blindfold.

I wonder... who was at the HDC on Saturday? Hmmm.

#3 - Are we still doing this? Los Angeles: step up and put this to bed. Declare that David Beckham is coming back or admit he may not and figure it all out quickly.

Or... do you love the free pub? That's fine for a bit, but don't get drunk on it.

UPDATE: Right on time, da Bruce says fuhgeddaboudit.

#4 - So how does Dwayne De Rosario fit into the Toronto FC scheme? Let's consult John Molinaro of the CBC.

#5 - My promised bit on Euro-searchers Robbie O'Brien and Scott Sealy is now up. And here's one I missed a few days ago, where ROB talks to Jeff Carlisle at the Centerline.

#6 - S365's Richard Snowden follows the trail of Americans to Europe - always fun to see what he's cooked up.

#7 - As I get more emails, I wonder about whether or not to do the obligatory Q&A sessions you find on blogs of this ilk. I surely don't mind if that's what you want - but I will wait until the transfer window closes so all is settled and it's easier to get a grasp. If not, I'll just continue to answer individually.

On that note, I will mention a few notes received lately and answer a few questions/requests.
  • I was asked what nationality The Distracter holds. Well, the original Tenacious D is English. So yes, if (or dare I say, when) we get married, it will be much easier for European clubs to sign me - but no, I will not pick up one of those Brad Friedel things. You have my vow on that.

    Side note: I said "if" because I still must make sure she doesn't figure out that she's way too good for me. Count the save.

    I've also been submitted a fine Top 5 idea, but like the great Gordo, I shall play cards close to vest for now. Must research.
  • Speaking of TD, she was quite proud of one email I received in which the sender informed me that I was 'delightfully bizarre'. The Distracter agreed fully.

    Then another reader asked why I haven't mentioned food lately. So here's my food tip for the day: check out the TV show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives - good stuff, makes ya hungry, gives you ideas for home.
  • One reader asked me to re-post the mp3 of the "Dutch hip hop song" I ran as Cut of the Day a good while back. The name of the song is Zinloss, performed by Lange Frans en Baas B with some smooth help from Ninthe. The title word means "pointless" in English, and the song is a brilliant screed against random street violence.

    Below is the video, but it is not the same exact version I posted before. This one is before the Theo van Gogh version was recorded. Here are the lyrics if you feel like translating, and here is a good Dutch Wiki page with explanations. Maybe one day, I'll go through and translate the lyrics right for you all (too many slang Dutch phrases to get the full flavor). Yes, I definitely will. Hold me to that.

- Greg Seltzer


nothingtoseehere said...

This is a win-win for the Galaxy. I know I'm still going to use as many of my season tickets as possible, even though we have no 'marquee' players. Honestly, the Galaxy games were more fun without the specter of Beckham hanging over the stadium.

At the very least, we can get a little more rowdy since there will be less kids.

George H said...


Great stuff, you should get sick more often;)

Interesting news on Kljestan. It would be much better for him at a club like Schalke. The SPL's rep has definitely taken a hit this year with their overall poor performance in Europe. He would be better served in Germany or even France.

Regarding Beckham, if Capello likes what he sees this week from him, there's no way that he's coming back to MLS. His England legacy is very important to him and he's not going to risk his shot at the 2010 WC because he plays half the world away in a league which Fabio doesn't rate. The Galaxy really have no choice in the matter if Beckham decides he's staying in Milan (and who can really blame him). It will be interesting to see what kind of fee they can get because in most transfer deals for players his age, the transfer fee is nominal, but that won't be the case here.

Lastly, I would vote "no" for a mailbag. Not because I wouldn't be interested in your opinions, I just like the format of the site the way that it is. It's a great site for finding out inside info/gossip with some good opinions thrown in by you.

I would hate to see it change with mailbags, silly contests and such.

Micah said...

Hey Greg, thanks for the update. A Q&A wouldnt be the worst thing but I think the site is fine the way it is. I do have one question though that me and my buddies have been debating for awhile. If you could pick any manager to coach the US NT who would it be? I personally chose Pelligrini because i think he is just as good a coach as Mourinho, Ferguson and Scolari but he comes without their ego and baggage. What do you think?