Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh my gosh, rumours are fun!

[Photo: Agencja Przegląd Sportowy]

And here's a doozy:

Polish reports say the national federation are already lining up USMNT assistant coach Piotr Nowak to take the Poland reigns should Leo Beenhakker fail to get them into World Cup 2010.

The English equivalent is here.

Personally... I wouldn't buy that for a dime if it came with a free Tootsie Roll. I think Nowak, who led our boys at the 2008 Summer Olympics, has too much invested in American soccer. I'd bet dollars to donuts he's rather stay in line for a shot at the top USMNT job than take a flier overseas - even with Poland.

As is often the case, we shall see...

  • This one is apparently rumour no more: Norwegian outlet Adressa reports that Rosenborg's Costa Rica defender Roy Miller is set for a one-year loan with the Seattle Sounders. Nice snag, Mr. Henderson.
  • Charlie Davies agent Lyle Yorks told Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America that the Hammarby striker now has a suitor from Germany. I'd post the link, but subscription is required.

    So who are ze prime zuspectz? Assuming it is Bundesliga we're talking about, there are several need possibilities. Factoring in other variables like available budget, I'd guess-timate we are looking at Arminia Bielefeld, Bochum or Energie Cottbus.

    Not so exciting? Any teams further up the table that miiiight be the one? Maaaaybe third place Hertha Berlin if hot topic Marko Pantelic is really leaving, Stuttgart or Wolfsburg.

    Isn't this fun?!?

Well, I didn't personally dig anything up today, but we try again tomorrow. At least I finally caught up with Jimmy Conrad. Good talk, be up tomorrow at Soccer365.

Speaking of Conrad, why wasn't he called to USMNT camp ahead of either San Jose's Jason Hernandez or Colorado's Igo Ihemelu? Hmmm. Details over at the USMNT blog, which you can find the way to over in the NSC Reading Room.

And in case you forgot... Scrubs comes back tonight with two episodes!

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

After his performance at the Olympics, Piotr can go coach for whoever he wants, as far as I'm concerned.

Micah said...

Freddy Adu earned a penalty for Monaco in a friendly against juventus today by schooling two defenders and then getting taken out by a third. Also had a really nice through ball to another forward who was incorrectly judged offsides. Maybe Ricardo will give him a chance this half of the season.

George H said...

Re: Fowler

Sounds like it's going to be a long helicopter from Liverpool each day for training in either Chicago or Turkey;)

At this stage of his career, there's no way that he could last the summer heat here in the States.

Improvedliving said...

After his performance at the Olympics,

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