Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few things...

Being that Bruce is taking a Du Nord breather, I will try to pick up some of the slack by increasing AFT activity until he's back...

#1 - Also, I have a few Top 5 Lists's in the works, but be patient. Two will focus on Euro-transfer activity (the good and the bad), plus a bonus T5L on historic financial flop transfers - a couple of surprise names in that one.

But I'm still resting a lot to try and get rid of this yuk once and for all. This is the most persistent head cold I've ever had. It's like Mini-Me, it just keeps getting up to bite me.

#2 - The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Quakes are set to bring home Reading winger Bobby Convey and Haugesund striker Cameron Weaver, which would be a fantastic double coup for a club badly in need of attack.

#3 - Sweidsh outfit Malmö are reportedly sizing up a move for Fulham striker Eddie Johnson, currently languishing on loan at Cardiff. Of course, the Swedish transfer window remains open until March 31st.

The Sky Blues, 18-time Allsvenskan champs, finished sixth last season. The most recognizable names on the roster for stateside fans are skipper Daniel Andersson, who faced the USMNT with Sweden last week, and Netherlands youth international Rick Kruys, who came over from FC Utrecht.

#4 - In my sickly haze, I forgot to mention that American striker Jon-Paul Pittman has moved up a flight to League Two tabletoppers Wycombe Wanderers - a transfer which seemed a crushing blow over at the Crawley Town forums. Today, he talks with the club website.

#5 - I had a good talk with Club Brugge attack apprentice Jared Jeffrey last night before he jetted off to U.S. Under-20 camp in Florida. You can look for that interview bit over at Soccer365 later today.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, computer troubles. Here 'tis.

#6 -
Speaking of that U-20 camp, here is your roster.

#7 -
The USMNT's April 1st World Cup qualifier against Trinidad & Tobago will be held at Nashville's LP Field.

#8 - A couple days back, the USSF appointed David Downs to head our World Cup 2018/2022 bid. Federation chief Sunil Gulati talks about that, and the potential impact of Barack Obama's election on any bid, here.

#9 - Over at The Touchline, Luis Bueno posts and translates a video with panel members debating Mexico's possible line-up for next week's hex opener against the U.S.

#10 - Could John Harkes become part-owner of former club Sheffield Wednesay? Wicked.

#11 - Former San Jose forward Scott Sealy has landed with Maccabi Tel Aviv, where he will join up with American defender Erik Hort. The T&T striker debuted with an assist off the bench Monday night, but his side still lost to Netanya 2-1.

#12 - S365 catches up with new Sounders midfielder Brad Evans.

#13 - Wizards keeper Kevin Hartman catches up with his periodic diary entries over at the Kansas City Star. Naturally, this time it's all about camp.

By the way... The Distracter - who bless her heart, is taking an interest in football because I follow it - has decided that she likes the Wizards best in MLS. It's the name, she digs the magic sound of it.

Also, today's Cut of the Day is obviously for TD. Guys... if you wanna make your girl all smiley, grab a guitar and learn to play this song. She'd let you have the boys over for cards every night. Trust me on this one.

#14 - Forgot this earlier: a brief video interview with FC Nordsjælland defender Michael Parkhurst.

#15 - Somebody please go to the 9:50 mark and explain to me how this goal is flagged away. I guess the Super Bowl crew is on a world tour. I best go before I start cursing in Dutch again.


- Greg Seltzer


tom said...

do you want to know the decision or why it was made?

the decision would be of course that the goal scorer was in an offside position when the previous shot was taken.

that said, it was wrong and likely was because the assistant ref was positioned too far upfield, changing his angle and making the goal scorer appear offside.


bhamhawker said...

I got another "Cut of the Day" to learn on the guitar and play for TD:
Sister Hazel - All for You

George H said...

Way to pick up the slack, Greg. Hope Bruce is back soon cause those are big shoes to fill.

Why would Convey go to SJ when he will likely want to come home to Philly in 2010? Granted with Stephen Hunt now sticking around in Reading, he's still blocked for getting PT (assuming Convey is healthy).

EJ could use a move somewhere else. His stock is falling very fast. His national team career looks to be over at this point.

George H said...

BTW, any idea on what the fee would be for Convey?

Stephen said...

Reading is reporting that they have released Bobby. Do you think there is still a chance of him staying in Europe or is he pretty much set for MLS?