Sunday, March 8, 2009

'Innovative' Beckham deal finalized

Catch the chutzpah in the wording of all this from the official L.A. Galaxy write-up. They make it sound like they've invented pizza, when really all they did was blah blah blobbity blah, don't get me started on this mess again.

I'm not even gonna crop a photo for this post. (snort)

UPDATE: All Galaxy/MLS fans please feel free to share how you feel about this timeshare business. The more I think about it, the madder I get - and it's not even my club. I cannot quantify the force with which my head would explode if they were. Are you mad? Is it good riddance? What about when he returns?

Meanwhile, Galaxy boss Bruce Arena is already daydreaming about the magical comeback and Beckham is already plotting his MLS franchise.

If this is a circus, why am I not holding any fresh roasted peanuts?

: I don't normally read opinion stuff unless I've already spouted off about a particular topic... but I have, so I've been poking around. Soccer by Ives lays out the upfront benefits of the deal very nicely, including a sweet bit about putting a price tag on his previously free end-of-2009 exit clause. Along with the quick cash, that last nugget makes the deal MLS struck look pretty shrewd.

Of course, to fully scope out the numbers, one would have to subtract the opportunity cost (such as income lost from lower ticket sales/concessions/parking/etc. for the 17 games he will miss). One cannot also not ensure that fans will spend on Galaxy tickets and merch at the same clip as they did before the saga.

Hey... maybe it won't be so bad. I'm just pretty sure I'd pass on the fast buck to avoid alienating fans while trying desperately to grow that very base. Wasn't that the original point in signing him? To delight the fans?

What's the message then? I'm confused.

- Greg Seltzer

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