Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tracy debuts in UEFA Cup

AaB rookie forward Marcus Tracy entered a scoreless UEFA Cup match against Manchester City with nine minutes left, and assisted with a flick for Luton Shelton to make it 1-0 with five to play.

One more goal gets Aalborg to extras. I'm watching and will update. Stay tuned...


AaB have the momentum, and Tracy is drawing raves for his aerial play.
Outstanding run to lose the marker, though.


Tracy has a difficult touch on a lob over his shoulder, and Richards recovers at the last moment to boot away for a corner.


On the second straight corner, City's Evans handles in the area! PK coming!
Jakobsen... no doubt! 2-0 AaB! The Tie is all square!

FULL TIME 2-0 AaB (2-2)

Stay tuned for the first extra session...


Citeh kick off. Game on...

Tracy is playing as a straight #9, by the way.


Lost channel momentarily, back on, still scoreless in extras.


Shelton has a free header from a left wing cross, but misses badly as Tracy bumps into him.


Tracy hustles back to help break some City pressure.


The second 15 coming up...

Side note: I will have a talk with Kansas City midfielder Jack Jewsbury up over at S365 shortly.


Game on...


Elano is on for Kompany. Citeh want a goal now.


AaB corner, Nomvethe takes... cleared away easily.


AaB take a poor short corner. Do they not read the blog? Sheesh.


Another Aalborg corner... very poor, and a second chance cross is nodded away.

FULL TIME 2-0 AaB (2-2)

Penalties coming up...

Jakobsen starts... and finishes. 1-0 AaB!

Evans for City... slams it past Zaza. 1-1.

Johansson... barely in off the post. 2-1 AaB!

Elano... it's good. 2-2.

The captain, Augustinussen... saved by Given.

Wright-Philips... scores. 3-2 City.

Nomvethe... takes a crazy risk with a chop to the corner, but scores. 3-3.

Dunne... fired past Zaza. 4-3 City.

Shelton to keep it alive... Given stops another poor PK. City advance.

UPDATE: The highlights...

- Greg Seltzer


Steven Streff said...

Tracy is winning everything in the air. He is a menace to the back four for City.

Ilya said...

Unfortunately, I had to follow the match online. In the short time he's been on the field, how did Tracy look? How is his technique, strength, positional awareness, etc.?

Steven Streff said...

He ended up with nearly 45 minutes. So it was a great opportunity for him.

For a debut, he is was pretty much spot on. He won just about everything in the air, including the header for the first AaB goal. He was also fine with his passing, and his effort was good too.

He struggled in two areas (at least to me), but things that won't be a problem in the future. Firstly, his positioning was off several times, and he got in the way of teammates with the ball on a couple of occasions.

But, thats got to be down to playing with the team of the first time. Those sorts of things will smooth out as he gets more playing time.

And the second was that twice he was beat on through balls. But it was Micah Richards both times, who is a pacey defender. They won't always be that fast, so its not a huge problem.

Lets hope tonight's performance earns him some more appearances (which is should).