Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Berhalter appears headed to L.A.

1860 Munich have agreed to let veteran defender Gregg Berhalter out of the last few months of his contract. The 35-year old former U.S. international is set to join an MLS club for the first time, and I'm being told it's Los Angeles.

If you can understand/somewhat decipher German, here is a video interview with GB.

I will try talk to Gregg as soon as I can, but first I must... erm... locate him.

UPDATE: Found him. As is to be expected, he wouldn't let on as to where he was headed or even if a destination club had been decided yet.

- Greg Seltzer


George H said...

Arena has quite a youth movement going on in LA right now.

Unknown said...

Greg's hometown is Tenalfy. He was merely born in the hospital in neighboring Englewood. Ask him; he'll tell you as much.

Unknown said...

er..I meant "Tenafly" not "Tenalfy". Sorry.