Monday, April 27, 2009

Klinsi out!

... which is obviously not the same as "Seacrest out".

After watching their supremely talented side underachieve all season, Bayern Munich finally had enough and pulled the plug on manager Jürgen Klinsmann today. Following a rude Barcelona ejection from the Champions League and this weekend's loss to Schalke, the suits met and the prognosis was indeed negative.

Of course, the move leaves two questions:
  • Can interim boss Jupp Heynckes erase the three-point title deficit in five matches?
  • With Klinsi sure to retreat to his beloved California before long, will he again be a bit of an ominous shadow hanging over Bob Bradley's USMNT regime?
Stay tuned on both...

- Greg Seltzer


bhamhawker said...

If the US had some balls, they'd send Bradley packing after we bomb out of the Confed Cup.

Evan said...

greg, be honest here: would he be an upgrade? and more importantly, would he even come because it seems that the same barriers that were there before are still there? ok, one more, is it too late to switch coaches for the world cup and do you think its worth doing?

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh, I never said he'd be an upgrade or still want the job... just that his nearby presence could have some supporters clamoring.

As for coaching switches before World Cup, it won't happen with Bradley even with some bombing.

As for whether it's a smart move in general, I guess that depends on the case.

bhamhawker said...

Yea, I'd bet heavily against the US even putting any pressure on Bradley until after the World Cup.

There really isn't any feasible upgrade available for us in such a short window.

I desperately want us to do well at the Confed and SA2010, but I think it'll be easy money to bet against us in every game. Sad, but true.