Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few things...

[Photo: HBO]

Has anyone else seen Eastbound & Down? I've just discovered it and can't wait to see what happens with Kenny Powers in season two. Danny McBride always makes for such an oddly endearing jackass. Oh, it's quite vulgar, but it's also deceptively sweet-natured and wickedly hilarious...

#1 - A funny thing happened, it seems: the U.S. Soccer was apparently told the wrong information on Jermaine Jones' USMNT door-open date. At least, that what the FIFA rep I spoke to today figured. I even had him double check with the legal department over there.

Turns out the rule change does go into effect on August 2nd, and not in October. You can't really fault any other report, though, because they got their word from the USSF.

Strange stuff.

#2 - Meanwhile, in the USMNT of now: Carlos Bocanegra seems set for another late fitness test, but the skipper did train with his teammates on Tuesday.

#3 - I will have my new MLS Club Ladder finished by the time you folks wake tomorrow. U.S. matches don't usually happen on Mondays, so I got a little backed up in my video viewing.

Fortunately, Lars Lifrak fills today's top bill over at S365 with an exclusive Cat Whitehill chat. A classy lady and player, she's always been one of my favorite USWNT'ers.

It's definitely not just because I'd sometimes run into her at Johnny Ray's BBQ when I lived in Birmingham, Alabama... Kenny Powers would love that place.

#4 - Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash is back with another Showdown in Chinatown. I sure hope Adam Spangler makes it out to this one as well.

#5 - The Red Bulls are looking at several familiar names in first team training this week, including erstwhile Colorado keeper Bouna Coundoul.

#6 - Wondering why the Crew traded Pat Noonan to turn around and look for a scorer? Wondering who they might sign now? Columbus is buzzing that it's former ace Stern John.

#7 - FC Dallas is hosting a town hall meeting this weekend. Great idea... but will anyone show up?

#8 - Good news comes in threes for Seattle FC, who look set to get fit in a hurry.

#9 - We've kinda followed this whole Portland stadium serial, and it's been a while, so let's send it over to Jason Davis in the situation room for a refresher summary.

#10 - Almost forgot: recovering USMNT & Rangers midfielder Mo Edu took some time to answer fan questions on his website this weekend.

- Greg Seltzer


bhamhawker said...

Greg - when\where did you live in Birmingham?

The "bham" part of my moniker is for "Birmingham" as that's where my family lives (I am at LSU right now).

We met Cat quite a few different times while I still lived there (mostly in '03 I think?) and she was either at UNC or just out of UNC? Anyways, great family and fantastic young woman.

Sean Heffernan said...

Kenny Powers is a great man. I love his book on tape. I'm glad to see Boca back in the mix...Demerit wasn't terrible though.

Evan said...

yeah, i got on the kenny powers bandwagon late too (check out his twitter page, its worth getting twitter for that reason alone). being from atl, i show it to my european friends here in beirut and explain that it is in many ways not too off base.

maybe im jumping the gun: but what changes do you see for tomorrows game? do you think we will bunker or attack?

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rays is not my favorite. Full Moon is the BBQ place to go now. There is one in Hoover and Alabaster.

Anyways just found this blog recently and have immediately bookmarked it. Thanks for the information.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ bham: I lived in Hoover and Inverness from '95 to '03.

@ Sean: Yeah... just ask him. :D

@ Evan: I figure we will stick with the same formation, plugging either Benny or Sacha in Clark's place. I also hope Pearce comes in at LB, as he has experience handling Kaka very well and is a more physical player than Bornstein. Everyone always talks about Brazil being super fancy, but kinda forget to note that they are strong guys and play very hard-nosed.

@ autkidd: Thanks for coming around. As for B'ham BBQ, I also like Full Moon, Golden Rule, Ollie's (is that still open?) and the one with the incredible white BBQ sauce in Vestavia whose name escapes me at the moment... wanna say it starts with a "D".

Yeah, they're all good, but only Johnny Ray's has onion rings and that pie... ohhhhh that pie.

Greg Seltzer said...

Davneport's! That's the one with the white sauce.

Evan said...

can i motion to end bbq discussion. as a southerner (and former resident of hoover) i miss the food everyday while living in muslim west beirut. whie this place has many pluses (the sea, hottest chicks in the world) the very idea of pork is foreign.

oh, and im a huge supporter pearce. greg, take him by the hand and lead him to a dutch team where he can start next year and will be ready to be our lb in sa.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, Evan, you aren't exactly suffering with Lebanese food. :D

As for Pearce in the Eredvisie, I'm workin' on it...

Micah said...


Have you head anything about this? Please tell me its true.

Greg Seltzer said...

Hey Micah, I don't know, but it looks legit. I also now wish I could speak Spanish. I tried calling Mexico, but could not come up with an English speaker on the phone. D'oh!

Micah said...

elmer polanco who does a weekly show about the LA Galaxy broke the story. Dont know if you know him, but according to some people on Bigsoccer(grain of salt applied) he is pretty reliable.

Thomas said...

bhamhawker -

just saw your post and couldn't believe it when I saw another LSU student on here. Geaux Tigers!