Friday, June 19, 2009

A few things...

It has been a mighty battle with the computer demons and I have emerged victorious to live another day...

#1 - I have a sickness: I must link to any Jimmy Conrad interview... especially when he pimps the upcoming Arrested Development movie.

By the way, if they can't get the original actor for some reason, I think Jimmy would make for a fantastic Franklin Delano Bluth.

- FC Dallas is offering free tickets to the July 4th clash with New York to armed forces personnel. I love it. Every team should do this (erm... especially ones with so many empty seats at their games).

- If you're wondering what the current MLS allocation rank is, Columbus Dispatch all-star Shawn Mitchell has that, plus some news on The Dude and rumour mill talk.

- It may be Bouna Time for the Red Bulls, which would be a real thrill for the Senegal keeper. Seems to me Jon Conway is on the way out...

- Jason Davis stops by MLS Daily to talk about Toronto FC's wild 6-1 miracle advancement to the CONCACAF Champions League and what it means to MLS.

- FIFA honcho Sepp Blatter spouts off about MLS. Sadly, he's not terribly with it, is he?

- The Home Depot Center Charitable Foundation is having a 5K/10K run on Sunday, and your $35 registration fee includes a ticket to both a Galaxy match and a Sol match.

#8 - My promised "Who should make up the Gold Cup camp roster?" column is nearly done, but various story hunts kept pulling me off of if today. I will have that posted tomorrow at S365.

- Greg Seltzer


Ryan said...

Have you seen the new F-word kits? Hideous monstrosities.

Cheese Tease said...

Should they really be making an AD movie? I love the series as much as anyone, but don't know if it could translate to a feature length...and remember if you pass the mini mart pop pop gets a treat.