Sunday, June 7, 2009

A job well done

Well, it will be a drastically more sunny U.S. Player Ratings up at S365 on Sunday. Despite suffering another very early deficit, the 'Nats fought back to top Chicago visitors Honduras 2-1 to retain firm hold of second place in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.

All of the fundamentals and teamwork demanded of our boys was back out of the case on Saturday night, with Landon Donovan and skipper Carlos Bocanegra netting the goals. Then, on Sunday, coach Bob Bradley unveiled his Confederations Cup roster.

UPDATE: My U.S. Player Ratings are up.


El Salvador 2 Mexico 1 (?!)

Costa Rica 3 T&T 2

- Greg Seltzer


Mark said...
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Mark said...

Checked out your ratings. I agree Clark did more than hold his own against Honduras, though he did go backwards a little too much for my taste, however on occasion it did serve to relieve pressure which they were under A LOT in the 1st half.
Mastroeni again looked too slow and past his prime vs Guevara and Palacios. I really think Feilhaber's inclusion in the second half helped Clark too. As Benny was able to push forward more and take some pressure off Clark.
Jozy got 90 because Bradley may be trying to play him into shape/form for the confederations cup perhaps even get him in form for the Euro season.
I feel like after these performances the most likely CM pairing will be Bradley and Clark (though he does have a tendency to struggle vs better opponents). But the strike pairing seems more troubling to me at this point. Jozy and ________? Though I think he may go 4-5-1 two d-mids and Donovan behind Jozy. Then compounded only by the situation at the outside backs, though i was VERY pleasantly suprised by Spector's performance at outside back.