Sunday, July 5, 2009

Could It Be You-ch?

I'm not yet sure what level of excitement you may be in for, but here's the deal: I have been told by two unconnected local birdies that Ajax are hoping to unveil a new player on Monday. There are three possibilities for this signing - a third keeper, hot topic Partizan Belgrade left back Ivan Obradović or U.S. defender Oguchi Onyewu.

The third keeper has been promised this week, but no names have been floated in the local press as of yet. Obradović, who is also being chased to varying degrees by the likes of Barcelona, Tottenham and Werder Bremen, has now stated that he is 'only interested in Ajax'.

Which bring us to our man Gooch, who also has offers on the table from Genoa, either Parma or Palermo, and either Espanyol or Valencia. I am now about 80% sure that the suitor breakdown falls just like that.

In another matter that somewhat pertains to the question of how wise a move to Ajax would be for Onyewu, Amsterdam star man Luis Suárez (who USMNT fans may remember from the U-20 World Cup knockout against Uruguay in 2007) has declared he will definitely be staying in town this season, despite a whopping offer from AC Milan.

And so we wait...

UPDATE: On a related note, both French and Swedish reports are claiming that Hammarby forward Charlie Davies is all but set for Sochaux. Should the Saturday night scorer (I'm sorry, Grenada or not, the entire goal was pure class by all three players) join Les Lionceaux, I think he stands a great chance of slotting in behind active front man Václav Svěrkoš for the recently PSG-departed speedster Mevlüt Erdinç.

UPDATE UPDATE: Back to Gooch... despite reports now surfacing in the Netherlands that Onyewu is the player Ajax hope to present Monday, I have been informed that the deal has not yet been sealed.

There was also a television report in Spain today that said former suitor Real Madrid may have interest in the U.S. defender, but I haven't come across anything to support it.

We shall see what the morning brings.

- Greg Seltzer


kylet said...

Good stuff, Any idea why Onyewu might choose Ajax? Also any other leads on Americans making a transfer?

Unknown said...

Greg, a report on Spanish TV has apparently indicated that Real Madrid (no joke) are interested in Gooch and may make a move for him in the coming week. Don't know if you've heard about this, but take it for what it's worth.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ izzo: I heard about that. Hasn't really been anything else about it, though. I wouldn't be shocked, they've like him for a couple of years now.

@ klyet: Well... I suppose because:

A) he'd be slated to start in a World Cup year, but they don't have the fixture glut of say England, Spain or France

B) the league is a good bit better than Belgium, especially in the areas of his game he has weaknesses - such as technique

C) Ajax can pay a good bit more than Standard and the glamour club scout exposure is much higher in Amsterdam

D) he'd be in Europe and have a shot to win another title

E) players don't often shy away from playing for Ajax.

As for other leads, I will definitely let you all know when I have something solid. The last thing I want to do is rush it and get the story wrong. I did post an update to this post, with reports of Davies close to Sochaux.