Monday, August 3, 2009

A quick Adu note

I've had several people write in to ask if NAC Breda technical director Earnie Stewart might go after Eredivisie winker and former D.C. United teammate Freddy Adu.

I have your answer: no. I spoke with Earnie today, and he says their squad is complete.

I'm actually trying to figure out the one or two Dutch clubs that are interested, more by eliminating possibilities first. NAC is definitely out. All but seven possibilities have now been ruled out, but I'm gonna keep cards close to vest for now.

Meanwhile, I dropped bits on trials for Bryan Arguez (Charleroi) and Tony Taylor (IK Start) over at S365 today. Right now, I'm working on transcribing a long Q&A I did with USA v Mexico play-by-play man and NSC pal Phil Schoen. As you might imagine, he can talk. I was shooting to have this done today, and I'll try, but it might not go up 'til morning.

- Greg Seltzer


bobby said...

Have you heard anything about this greg?

Max Zeger said...

Yeah, all the tabloids are re-printing the same thing, any word on a hull or fulham move?

Max Zeger said...

Altidore is off to England, he's confirmed it via Twitter.