Friday, August 28, 2009

Rongen names U-20 World Cup squad


G - Sean Johnson (Central Florida; Lilburn, Ga.), Josh Lambo (FC Dallas; Middleton, Wis.), Brian Perk (UCLA; Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.)

D - Gale Agbossoumonde (Miami FC; Syracuse, N.Y.), Kyle Davies (FC Dallas; Danville, Calif.), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame; Dorchester, Mass.), Ike Opara (Wake Forest; Durham, N.C.), Anthony Wallace (FC Dallas; St. Petersburg, Fla.), Sheanon Williams (Unattached; Boston, Mass.)

M - Danny Cruz (Houston Dynamo; Glendale, Ariz.), Mikkel Diskerud (Stabæk; Oslo, Norway), Dilly Duka (Rutgers; Montville, N.J.), Jorge Flores (Chivas USA; Anaheim, Calif.), Jared Jeffrey (Club Brugge; Richardson, Texas), Brian Ownby (Virginia; Glen Allen, Va.), Dillon Powers (Notre Dame; Plano, Texas), Michael Stephens (UCLA; Naperville, Ill.)

F - Sam Garza (Denver; Highland Village, Texas), Peri Marosevic (FC Dallas; Rockford, Ill.), Brek Shea (FC Dallas; College Station, Texas), Tony Taylor (Jacksonville; Jacksonville, Fla.)

- Greg Seltzer


Bryan said...

It'll be interesting to see how this team performs - unlike the last few cycles, there's no real obvious star to look for, and a heck of a lot more college players than I'd ever thought we see again for U-20 teams. That said, I've always felt like Rongen has done a wonderful job over the last 8-9 years - his teams have been strong in U-20 cups but, more importantly, his track record for getting guys up to the national team is excellent. I wish people would stop referring to his MLS coaching career (which, incidentally, earned one MLS Cup) because he's really found his niche and we're lucky to have him.

Greg - do you have high expectations for Jeffrey? I haven't seen much of him to have an opinion.

Andrew Wiebe said...

Vincenzo Bernardo just posted this on Twitter:

VB10: wow. ridiculous.

Would that have anything to do with not being named to the U20 WC squad? Has he not been a part of qualifying or previous camps? It seems like he might have been a quality option in midfield or as a withdrawn forward.

Greg, anyone left off the squad you were surprised didn't get the nod?

sakibomb said...

Vincenzo wasn't part of the last few camps since Winter when he was kicked out of it along with Nazzani and the guys playing in Germany.

bhamhawker said...

I don't think anyone expected Bernardo to get called up, especially so since he's in limbo with his club situation.

Bryan Arguez appears to be in the same situation, and thus he didn't get called up either.

All in all, I like this squad and it's potential. No stars, but there is good balance across the board and some good versatility in guys like Brek Shea, etc.

I think the Mix\Jeffrey combo in the middle (add Duka in there if we play a 4-3-3) will be a particularly tough combo for teams to deal with.

Our forwards aren't Altidore-quality, but Tony Taylor has blistering speed and there is quite a bit of talent among Peri, Garza, and Shea.

Chris said...

Don't most WC squads have 23 on them? Is that the same with U-20 teams? Could we see Freddinho get added to the Mix (pun intended) if he doesn't get transferred and must instead do nothing for Benfica?

Bryan said...

U20 world cups have 21 man rosters, Chris.

As for Freddy, he HAS to find a new club before Monday's transfer window closes. Otherwise, he's stuck on a team that doesn't want him, so I guess it would be useful to bring him in (this team actual needs a focal point in attack, in my opinion) but seeing as he's never played with this group, it seems like an absolute longshot. You'd have to wonder if Freddy's career hangs on something happening this weekend - I don't want to say he's done, but ....he's getting close to being so.

Greg Seltzer said...

Freddy's career is not hanging by a thread.


(Caps used for emphasis, not to denote yelling)

strago said...

Freddy had his shot at the U20 World Cup. It's disrespectful to the current crop of players.

Bradley even went out of his way to bring Freddy to the Gold Cup. How does Freddy repay him? By leaving early to go back to his club -- sort of. Thanks but no thanks. Freddy is a big boy and he has been given every opportunity by US Soccer to showcase himself. He needs to man up and take care of his business at his club of choice.

bhamhawker said...

Strago, try getting all the facts before you spout off.

It's well-documented that Benfica had a pre-arranged agreement to bring Adu back, only to then essentially "snub" him. He had already left the US team and was back in Benfica, except Benfica said they didn't want him, leaving him in limbo.

That whole thing should not reflect poorly on Adu, as it wasn't his doing.

Jesse said...

The transfer window closes Monday. Adu still doesn't have a job, Pearce still doesn't have a job, Arguez still doesn't have a job. Whoever, is representing these guys the U-20 players need to not sign for them post U-20 World Cup or they'll be flipping burgers at McDonald's rather than being professional athletes.