Monday, September 14, 2009

Seriously... what the hell was he thinking?

It should have been a completely glorious day for Manu Adebayor. In Saturday's 4-2 win over Arsenal that kept Man City perfect through four, the livewire strike danced on the ball, cleared his line and buried a header to make it four straight games from go with a goal for the Citizens.

Oh yeah, and he ummm... gave Robin van Persie a face combing and erm... kinda compelled a small riot by charging the length of the field to show up the Gooners away support. Oh, and apparently he slapped Alexandre Song... and had a dust-up with Cesc Fabregas.


Now, facing a multi-game ban for all of his actions, Adebayor incredibly just doesn't see the fuss.

(longer sigh)

And the mini-melee he kicked off forced security to take some injury hits, meaning Arsenal will also now be in trouble.

(deep yoga breath)

If you somehow haven't seen it, here ya go. Sigh away...

Emmanuel Adebayor Stamped And Kicked Robin Van Persie's Head HD - Funny bloopers are a click away

- Greg Seltzer

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Will said...

Not to bash on the On Adebayor, but this was I wasn't sad to see him go. Moments of brilliance followed by sheer insanity and rebelliousness.

He reminds me of Terrell Owens in the NFL. He might be great for this season, but once he starts sulking it's all downhill.