Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who is your Honda POY pick?

While sitting here working through all the scribble notes for my Top 5 Shrewdest Summer Pick-ups, my 2009 Honda Player of the Year ballot arrived.

And not that it will have any bearing on my vote, but I was kinda wondering who NSC readers would tab as their top three USMNT performers for the year.

As with last year, I will disclose my ballot after it's been turned in. But for now, I'd like to see what you all think. So, ummm... bring it.

- Greg Seltzer


Max Zeger said...

I'd have to say that Tim howard is the player of the year with Landon Donovan and oguchi onyewu a distant second.

KO said...

I might disagree with the Tim Howard selection--he has clearly made some unbelievable saves over the past couple of months, but it's hard to justify 15 goals in 9 USMNT games...especially when those 15 goals actually came in the last 7 games. Clearly, not all his fault, BUT...he also had an ugly start to the EPL season. I am going to get rocked on this, so I will now put the gloves up.

I would go with Landon, Clint (based on his EPL performance), and Michael Bradley.

Ok, bring the pain on the Howard comments...

tyrona said...

This is tough given the inconsistency of many of our attacking players. Donovan, Bradley, and Dempsey can be unstoppable and influential or disappear for long periods of time. So my vote would be for Onyewu.

Unknown said...

1. Gooch
2. Dempsey
3. Bradley

Connor Walsh said...

Gotta be Oguchi Onyewu...after winning his second straight Belgian title with Standard Liege, he led the backline through the World Cup Qualifiers and the Confederations Cup (where he dominated) and earned himself a contract with AC Milan. That's POTY worthy anywhere.

Unknown said...

Gut reaction:
1. Donovan
2. Dempsey
3. Howard

Although, with the images of the Mexico match still in my mind, its hard to think of anyone actually deserving, so just give it to Kljestan...

i like tuesday said...

My top 3 USMNT performers on the year would be Onyewu, Davies, Dempsey.

andrés said...

IMHO the most important factors would be (1) club accomplishments and (2) Confed Cup performance. Having said that, generally popularity seems to continually be #3. As of late, most US players have been horrible during qualifiers, so I think they probably won't bare too much influence. So I'd have to go with:

1. Dempsey, 3rd place performer as judged by Confed Cup and helps Fulham to the next stage of Europa league.
2. Howard, golden gloves at the Confed Cup and almost helps Everton win the FA Cup final against Man U
3. ? Tough one. although both Donovan and Bradley had a wonderful confed cup showing, neither had done enough to bring their clubs much glory in any competition. So I'll go with the dark horse here and say Chuck D! Goals in the Confed Cup AND the Gold Cup as well for his clubs in Sweden and France.

Matt said...

* Rookie of the Year: Jozy Altidore (Davies a close second)

* Comeback Player of the Year: Benny
Feilhaber (Spector a close second)

* Player of the Year: Donovan

* Most Improved: Onyewu (followed by Spector)

carrschilling said...

1. Onyewu (inspires confidence. dangerous on set pieces).
2. Howard (organizes the defense. one of the best keepers in the world).
3. Donovan (playing inspired football).

Alex said...

This is a tough pick this year. So many guys have performed well at times.

1. Davies
2. Onyewu
3. Bradley/Dempsey

Donovan and Howard are my honorable mentions although Demerit may deserve a mention considering his spike in form as of late.

Michael O said...

1. Oguchi Onyewu
2. Landon Donovan
3. Tim Howard

Lawrence said...

1. Donovan
.2. Onyewu
3. Charlie Davies

Nicolas Dunbar said...

1. Onyewu

2. Davies

3. Deuce

4. Howard

5. Donovan

Tee said...

This is a hard one. POTY should be someone who brings it to every game, inspires confidence in his teammates, provides leadership on and off the field, and can change games. I haven't seen anyone for the U.S. This year that has done that. The closest would be a Gooch/Demerit combo. So, two or three out of the total leaves me with
1. Gooch
2. Dempsey
3. Donovan

Blake said...


Chris said...

This is a tough one.

1. Deuce
2. Landon
3. Gooch

Noah said...

1. Donovan
2. Onyewu
3. Dempsey/Bradley

Honorable mention to Timmy and Carlos

Sean Heffernan said...

I'd have to go with Dempsey, he came huge in important moments for both club and country. Think about his brace against Chelsea last year and his three goals in the Confed Cup. It wouldn't hurt to let someone have the limelight other than Landon though he's deserving.

Jesse said...

Honda POY is for USMNT performance only. And on that basis it is Donovan and it really isn't even close. He's been ridiculously good for the national team over the last year. If it was for club play I think that Dempsey, Howard and Onyewu had stronger seasons. But, its not.

As an aside Greg, do you have any information for the blog on the Heath Pearce thing? I'm not buying that bs reason that it was too late by the Turkish club. If that is what they are claiming to the press then they are lying. Pearce was out of contract and able to negotiate outside the window.

Gerard said...

I say: 1)Landon Donovan, 2) Jay DeMerit, 3) Tim Howard

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Jesse: Yes, I have info, but you guys will need to wait. Can't talk about it yet. I will say that your BS instincts are in fine form, though.

strago said...

POY: Onyewu.

No other player was as consistent as he was all season + he scored a huge move to AC Milan.

2. Demspey
3. Davies

ROY: Davies

ChelseaMatt said...

Guys, come on: it's gotta be Landon Donovan.

Clint Dempsey got the honorable mention award at the Confed Cup, but only because he scored 3 goals in the last 3 games. Landon's always being charged with disappearing, but Clint was nonexistent before the Egypt match. Landon was our engine, and that fast break against Brazil was world class.

Gooch was great in the backline during the tournament, but we let in a ton of goals. We got in to the elimination round because we ran up the score against Egypt after having been scored on 5 times in the previous two games.
Honestly, DeMerrit was more of an MVP for the backline in the Confed Cup than Onyewu.

And Howard was a deserving golden gloves winner at the Confed Cup, but Landon was our unsung hero. Let's reward his coming of age as a leader with this award. He deserves it more this year than any past year in which he's won it.