Thursday, October 15, 2009

USMNT wrap, Gooch update

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First, the bad news from last night's 2-2 rally draw for the USMNT: Oguchi Onyewu is expected to miss about 3-4 months with a torn tendon in his knee.

And now, the better news: My U.S. Player Ratings will go up in a while and we have videos...

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Man, what an atmosphere last night. The 9th minute was awesome. I was looking around and EVERYONE on the noisy side had a "9".

Jozy was playing like a man possessed as he setup numerous chances others blew.

I still don't understand why Torres doesn't see the pitch more, his composure on the ball and his splaying of passes are unmatched. Bob needs to make more use of him.

KO said...


I agree on Jozy. He was playing with a lot of heart, even if it was a heavy heart. A couple other things now that I have slept and pondered--

I agree that Torres should see the field more. I am not one of those "start Torres NOW!" people, and I try not to get too excited about a single performance. That said, I though that Torres was magnificent last night. His vision, his composure, and his distribution of the ball were inspiring. He changed the game when he came in. Oh, and he seemed to have learned a bit about what Bradley wants out of him--he was tracking back and providing help on defense.

On the other hand, I don't think Benny had a bad game. I just don't think he is very effective in his current role with the MNT. He is most successful when he can create in the offensive third of the field (for example, the build-up to the second goal against Spain and the goal he set up in the Gold Cup). But I admit I don't know where to slot him in the line-up.

Holden hustled and showed strong play, but was often careless. At around the third minute, I counted 3 careless mistakes from him in about 40 seconds.

Finally (and although I am sure everyone would LOVE to hear how I feel about the other players--j/k), I thought Conor Casey was atrocious. And I say that without any real predisposition about his play before the Costa Rica game, and without any suggestion as to whether he should start/play/be called up for future games. He was lethargic, looked uncertain, and lacked the ability to control the ball. And that's excluding what I thought was a very poor miss off the pass from Jozy in the first half.

Onwards to Denmark. Greg, if you go to that game, do you mind getting us some pictures?

Greg Seltzer said...

If I make it to the Denmark game, there will be some photos courtesy of TD.

KO said...

Super. Also, any chance that we could force all players in the MNT pool to live and play in compression suits, bubble wrap, and goggles until August?

Greg Seltzer said...

Heh. Yeah.

One would almost like to think that the squad has reached the threshold for worrisome injury situations... but that's not the sort of thing one should think too soon, eh?

drew_brown said...

you gotta wonder how Milan feels about Gooch getting injured for 3-4 months in a mostly meaningless game. So much for getting PT before the World Cup.

KO said...

Heavens no. We still have 9 months before the World Cup. Torn patella tendons at the end of games when no one is near Gooch. Horrific car accidents at 3 AM. Infected eyes caused by contact removal/insertion? And that doesn't even get near the normal playing injuries (Dempsey, Edu, Jones, Zizzo, Whitbred).

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, frankly, Milan have no reason to gripe. They signed an international starter in the summer and aren't playing him. At that rate, he has to play last night just to get another game in.

strago said...

Agree with Greg here. Shame on Milan for signing him and then relegating him to the bench. I really think he will go on loan in January because there's no way he will crack into the 11 at Milan now...We'll see if anyone wants to take an injured CB who is still hurt on loan in January...

Krista said...

I had to watch the match alone bc my friends didn't understand why I was so upset at the news of Davies. I feel like we all are family. This will take a while to process. I truly hope Charlie knows how much we care and how we will be there for him every step of recovery.

Watching the boys, especially Jozy, was inspiring. This has been a rollercoaster ride of matches.

Thank you Greg for all of your hard work. It means a lot. :)

Desert Rat said...

Jozy is a man. Big time player. Seems like a very likable guy as well.

I thought digging out of that 2-0 hole was a huge statement last night.

I also thought for the short time he was in that Rogers played dangerously.

The future of US Soccer looks pretty bright.

Re. Gooch, it could have been worse. 3-4 months means he might see a friendly or two before South Africa, maybe get in some practice or garbage time with AC Milan, get into match fitness, regain some confidence in that knee.

When he went down, I was afraid it was going to be much worse.