Monday, October 12, 2009

A few things...

Who knew Christian Slater was such a caviar hog? And is it just me or does Larry David look exactly like former Boca Juniors boss Carlos Bianchi? Hmm...

#1 - Kicking off some post-clincher coverage: since I haven't seen the first 75 minutes of the game and am losing hope that I will anytime soon, let's throw this USMNT player ratings over to Ridge Mahoney.

#2 - Next up, NSC pal Grant Wahl has accounts of his surreal roller coaster Saturday... and then sums up the match.

Yes, the former includes his hold-up anecdote.

#3 - SI co-hort Greg Lalas wants some love for Conor Casey.

Personally, I'd just like it if reporters could spell his first name correctly (not referring to this article, obviously). Along with the constant misspelling of DaMarcus Beasley's and Cory Gibbs' first name, the sight of this mistake always befuddles me. I mean, all three of these guys have been around the entire decade. Anyway, rant over.

Sticking with SI, another NSC pal in Jonah Freedman asks: how long before unconscious FC Dallas killer Jeff Cunningham gets a look? Great minds think alike, they say.

#4 - Back to Saturday, the Original Winger has some great photos from the match.

#5 - NSC regular Steven Streff reports firsthand on the experience of those who went the closed-circuit bar broadcast route over at Goal.

#6 - New York Times scribe Jeré Longman says the 'Nats came of age on Saturday.

#7 - Soccernet's Jeff Carlisle says the USMNT still want first place. It's great to keep the intensity high for the players, but I seriously doubt they can grab a World Cup seed even if they finish ahead of Mexico. I just don't see how it's mathematically possible - and that's with the likes of Argentina, France and Portugal potentially missing out.

#8 - I've heard that the closed-circuit deal netted the Honduras federation about $500K. I'm now wondering how much a typical CONCACAF away qualifier nets from ESPN/FSC. I may need to make phone calls on this.

Here is a look at how the essentially meaningless England v Ukraine internet broadcast went off. It seems like that was a bit of a letdown for the rights holders, no?

#9 - As you might imagine, my MLS interview frequency over at S365 is set to rise significantly. I had a word today with RSL defender Nat Borchers, who says the squad is ready to come firin' out of that bizarre 18-day layoff. They have three games to construct a postseason rally and they may well need to win them all.

By the way, this one going tops at S365 has pushed my Bradley cycle column off 'til morning - which just gives me extra time to dig up more stat goodies.

#10 - Times ace Gabriele Marcotti thinks there may just be something 'divine or supernatural' about Argentina manager Diego Maradona.

Gee, I wonder which adjective an English scribe would have chosen?

#11 - Zlatan takes a swipe at his old Inter teammates (though I'm not sure claiming a squad is inferior to Barcelona's registers as a huge swipe).

- Greg Seltzer


carrschilling said...

The blogger behind the following blog has the entire game. If you contact him he can prob post for you.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Casey's name being misspelled, because on the US broadcast they listed him as "Connor Kersey"

Not just on the starting line-up, either. His name was spelled that way on the screen both times he scored, too.