Friday, October 16, 2009

A quick note for DirectTV customers (and those who love them)

On Sunday at 5:00 PM, the Centroamerican TV network will be showing a replay of last weekend's USMNT v Honduras match.

Best get to those phones now! Cancel all plans!!

- Greg Seltzer


ChelseaMatt said...

Did you get your info from livesoccertv?
If you go to, Telecentro, channel 429 (not CentroAmerican TV, channel 428) is listed to have back to back 2 hour segements of Honduras Soccer at 5 and 7 PM Eastern Time -- maybe the game will be on Telecentro instead? What's your take?

ChelseaMatt said...

Good news -- at
website, it's confirmed that USA vs Honduras replay will be shown at 5 PM ET on CentroamericaTV, Channel 428 on DirecTV. Directv's guide is just a little behind the times, I guess!!

Tee said...

ChelseaMatt, thanks for looking this up. I checked DirecTV and couldn't find anything originally!