Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Da Beaze knees

Gosh... I could just swear that there was some voice out there in the mist warning people not to shovel dirt on DaMarcus Beasley's game. I will try to remember who that was while you check out Run DMB's sweet goal (and assist) from last night's Rangers cruise.

- Greg Seltzer


Lawrence said...

Assuming Donovan manned one of the wings, who would make your WC midfield starting winger?
Stuart Holden, or DaMarcus Beasley?
ONLY based on post WC 2006 years form.

I feel like Beez i a dang good player but always gets cut too much slack bc what he did with PSV in 04-05. I was just curious what you thought, but more so your thought process/reasoning behind the differences between the two.

Greg Seltzer said...

Answer: It's far to soon to choose.

Really though, these are two completely different players, so it's certainly reasonable to think (all things being equal) that one could be the right guy to start against Team A and the other the right choice to play Team B.

DMB generally stays wide, has a sizable track back edge, a speed/aggressiveness advantage and finishes better.

Holden likes to drift inside, crosses/serves more consistently and has a sizable control advantage. Obviously, he is not even a natural wide player.

Each has big play capability, and clearly Holden has a significant form advantage over the past two seasons.

Oh... and I do not agree at all that Beasley has had slack cut. People have been busy burying him for over a year now, which I found both ungrateful and foolish.

Lawrence said...

Yeah, I thought about adding the criteria of against our group apponents too late.

I don't mean that Beez hasn't been catching stuff for his play, he certainly has, since the last world cup he has. I meant I feel like people are too expectant of him to play like he did then/return to that form, which to me, we haven't seen in any consistency since those days.

Greg Seltzer said...

Bease made good starts at both Man City and Rangers, then had some injury troubles.

Unknown said...

Sorry, count me in the group he doesn't belong in the national team picture. His goal is nice, but one goal and playing in 3 games doesn't mean he should be looked at as a viable option. His skills are simply not international level. First touch, crossing and dependability are all very poor. Hell I would say his shooting his poor too, but I can't recall the last time I saw him take a shot before this goal. He seems like a good guy, and he played a nice role awhile ago, but injuries have taken his speed down two notches, and that was what made him a threat.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ kellogg: I'm not saying he should now be brought back into the USMNT frame from a goal and three games. I'm saying, as I had before, that he should never have been considered fully out of the frame in the first place.

Etymology said...

@kellogg how do you justify saying that " His skills are simply not international level."????

1.) was First American to play in a UEFA Champions league semi-final. With PSV he was led his team with 4 goals in 12 Champions League games.

2.) was the first American to score for two clubs in the UEFA Champions League with the Rangers.

3.) On October 2, 2007, Beasley was influential in Rangers 3-0 win against Lyon in the Champions League group stage. He was involved in all three Rangers goals in a victory for the Scottish side. His inswinging corner was headed by Lee McCulloch to give Rangers a 1-0 advantage. Beasley's wide pass to Alan Hutton allowed him to spring free and set up Daniel Cousin for the second. Finally, Beasley took a 50 meter aerial pass from Cousin while on the run, controlled, and finished. Beasley was named Man of the Match.

4.) WC 2006 he set up the US's only goal and had the only other goal- that was taken back.

5.) Since regaining form and playing time with Rangers he's scored one goal and has three assists in 4 games.

The facts don't mesh with your assessment.

jon said...

I presume kellogg was implying that since Beas' injuries he is no longer international level, not that he never was. But i think that is a bit of a premature assessment anyway. It has taken him a long time to get back in form and playing with confidence so we'll have to see how he continues to play.

DrewVT6 said...

Reminds me of his goal against South korea leading up to the 2002 WC, cept that was a volley.

Man it'd be great to have him hitting on all cylinders going into the summer!