Friday, December 18, 2009

A few things...

For those who have already emailed me for Amsterdam tips, I will go through and reply to those in just a bit. I had a interwebs outage stretch from last night to this morning and it's been a busy day...

- The Landon Donovan mini-loan to Everton is done. It's a terrible situation which I predict could soon be complicated by the Toffees not wanting to let him go.

The U.S. ace should fit well amid the Bilyaletidinovs and Cahills that make up Everton's gritty passing game in attack - plus, let's face it, they are overdue for table rise anyway. I'd like to comment at length on his new L.A. deal, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. It's downright perplexing.

- The last time I tried to read Bob Bradley's mind. This time, I made all the decisions on who should be where on the USMNT World Cup 2010 squad depth chart as things stand now.

Also, in case you missed it, Ingolstadt left back Ian Joy told me that he could be switching shirts again soon - perhaps even for one in MLS and Seattle netminder Kasey Keller told S365 co-hort Andrew Winner that the Sounders are nearly a championship-caliber team.

- Sticking with the theme of winter transfer dealings, I'd like to clear up a few rumours seen floating around:
  • AGF attacker Jeremiah White has not terminated his deal with the club... though that remains a possibility. He also has not spoken with Philly Union or MLS.
  • Erstwhile Hertha Berlin midfielder Bryan Arguez has also not talked to MLS, and it doesn't appear to be an option in his case either. I think this one started from simple German scribe assumption. However, he has terminated his contract, which multiple sources have told me was the player's decision.
  • Impending Dynamo free agent Ricardo Clark is not about to join Livorno... in fact, the club CEO told me they are off him completely now, with main focus on finding a striker. I can tell you that Clark currently has at least two offers on the table and that I'm fairly certain I know one of the suitors. I'm on it.
  • And not that it matters now, but Livorno had also dropped their interest in Donovan back in August. They were not among the most recent chasing crowd, who I was unable to identify. Everyone was super secret this time, except on the club that he eventually joined as no secret. Oddness.
#4 - The Daily Herald reports that one of the two rumoured Fire coaching candidates has indeed been interviewed (my money's on it being Williams). Yesterday morning, an NSC reader tipped me off that Chicago was also talking to Mexican manager Carlos de Los Cobos, who recently quit his El Salvador post - and this seems to be spot on info. Fine work, Patrick!

I asked the Fire and was told that they have done some interviews, but have yet to offer the position to anyone.

On that topic and just in time, former Fire exec and all-around good guy Peter Wilt recalls the way his MLS coaching searches transpired over at Pitch Invasion.

- Scotland's Herald feels DaMarcus Beasley is finally heating back up.

- Toronto FC have not only let Amado Guevara free to join Matagua back home in Honduras, but they've opted out on Pablo Vitti as well. I gotta be honest, I really felt that guy could put it all together in his second MLS go-around. I wonder if someone agrees and can convince him to come back for less than he made in 2009.

Elsewhere, Columbus Dispatch ace Shawn Mitchell lets on that Guille Schelotto is set to stay with the Crew.

By the way... that's a lot of salary dumped at once. I kinda wonder if they're plotting a big move.

#7 - SI all-star Luis Bueno gives us the rundown on how Mexico must approach World Cup 2010.

#8 - The agent for Russia superboss Guus Hiddink says Man City have now made an approach, joining Juventus on the wishing list.

#9 - Finally, like the Dunphys, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is threatening to take away Christmas - but for good reason. It seems his kiddies told tales out of school so they could go party it up on the not-so-sly, and then went out to lay that home egg against Marcus Hahnemann's Wolves.

- Greg Seltzer


Malcolm said...

So an article that Du Nord linked to seems to suggest that Club America almost had Landon before Everton got involved. Have you heard anything like that?

That would have been awesome from a pure entertainment perspective.

Greg Seltzer said...

I had not - then again, I don't really hear things out of Mexico, no birdies there.

Jamie said...

Donovan to Everton!?!? :O

Okay, I'm kidding.

Blake said...

Greg, do you have anything for us on Stu Holden to Blackburn?

Greg Seltzer said...

It's news to me, but makes sense. Holden is one situation that I'm not especially privy to.

Preserve Vintage said...

Regarding the Donovan contract, any idea if there is a buyout clause, and if so, how much it is? Writers have hinted at it, but that's all I've seen.

Greg Seltzer said...

I do not know, but if there is, I'd assume it's priced about as reasonably as MLS would allow or Donovan wouldn't have signed.

Like I said a couple days back, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new contract.