Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few UK press things...

Oh, don't we all just love the British soccer media - even if we hate them? Who else can spectacular-ize every aspect of Frank Lampard's personal life, yet manages to fit at least one factual error in nearly every story about the USMNT or one of its players?

Unlike a normal AFT, I'm just gonna roll out these English reactions to the World Cup Group C draw reading room-style:

- The Sun hardly seems concerned with group play at all
- The Mail's Martin Samuels wonders: What could go wrong?
- Colleague Matt Lawton offers somewhat of a "not so fast"
- UK freelancer James Hamilton goes much further: it's a horror draw
- The Sky Sports group preview installs the U.S. as 2nd favorites
- ... while blogger Paul Merson actually seems a bit worried by us
- The same goes for Telegraph scribe Duncan White
- Mirror man Terry Butcher, however, picks Slovenia second
- Tabloid mate Michael Calvin's full analysis? A lame Donovan jab
- Finally, Brits explode from the blocks for England v USA tickets

- Greg Seltzer


Blake said...

Does that Landon Donovan article even count as journalism? The title was roughly as long as the write-up.

Greg Seltzer said...

I decided to leave the length of his blog post as a surprise. As you can see, my tagline for the link was no exaggeration.

Jamie said...

Check out our projected squad per Sky Sports Football:,27014,17253,00.html

corky said...

Did you catch Grant Wahl's tweets to Jozy and Maurice telling them to get ready for thousands of interview requests?

Both responded to him "LOL". I feel sorry for those guys. They'll probably say nothing controversial and then end up having their words totally twisted.

corky said...

@Jamie. I checked out the Sky Sports link. I love how they don't have Howard listed on the squad.

Jamie said...

Yeah, won't they be surprised to see him there in South Africa! And Landon Donovan! I can see Capello asking, "Who is this Donovan!? And where is Dax McCarty!?"

Barry W. said...

Is that not the roster from the two previous friendlies? I think Sky Sports just got caught on autopilot.