Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three simple questions: Chivas USA

We return to our series of woe and hope to get through the last few clubs, starting with the first of two L.A. sides picking up the pieces. Really, I could have asked 100% Soccer/Daily Breeze all-star Nick Green to do either Home Depot Center side - but the Galaxy were still alive when I asked him, so here we are.

NSC: What went wrong?

NG: Same old story: too many injuries and not enough firepower. That's been the case the last two seasons, too. And it's the reason Preki is no longer around. Preki was known around the league for working his players way too hard in training, hence the litany of key injuries to such players as Ante Razov, Maykel Galindo, Sasha Victorine and on and on.

NSC: What went right?

NG: Preki left.

NSC: What, if not who, does the team need to acquire?

NG: Given the likely retirement of veteran Claudio Suarez, the inexplicable late-season trade of Bobby Burling and the loss of Shavar Thomas in the expansion draft, one is tempted to say central defender, but the bigger problem is scoring.

Ante Razov, who missed the entire season, needs to retire. Will Galindo - 12 goals in 2007 - ever recapture his form before his three hernia operations or is he Chivas USA's version of the Galaxy's one-season wonder Herculez Gomez? Justin Braun is not an MLS-caliber player and needs to go back to the Utah rec leagues. Eduardo Lillingston's work rate is abysmal, so he isn't the answer. Maicon Santos has showed flashes of promise, but he can't do it alone.

- Greg Seltzer

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