Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your RDA transfer talk dosage (updated)

I know you guys and gals have been jonesin' and it really doesn't matter to your addiction that people are nearly impossible to get on the horn between December 23rd and January 2nd. In any event, a quick smattering, as I'm still knee deep in more scoop chases...

  • I've been informed from the Middle East that free agent Jeremiah White has signed a short deal (plus player option) with Qatar side Al-Sailiya. I'm waiting to hear back from the attacker, who may well currently be on a long flight... so we wait.
  • U.S. U-20 midfielder Jared Jeffrey has left Club Brugge to join Mainz 05. I feel silly, this one must have buzzed by me while looking into other stuff. Yup, I really handled the ball on this one, so sorry. I will try to catch up with the newest 0-Fiver as soon as I can for more details.

    UPDATE: I'm told he has signed with Mainz through 2013 (typo corrected, NOT 2012). I'll be working on a proper report for S365, ETA = when it's done.

    UPDATE UPDATE: Reportage.
  • I have learned from two separate places that the Bundesliga club competing with MLS for the services of U.S. U-17 defender Zachary Herold is Cologne. At this point, I'm not sure who's winning (or if anyone else is in on the bidding).

    UPDATE: Okay, it is just the two bidders and Herold is set to decide over the next week or so. It turns out he had a Cologne trial in early December and came out smelling sweet enough for an offer.
  • Aalesund FK have let injury-cursed keeper Adin Brown go. I will try to holler at him soon, but sadly this could spell the end of the playing line for The Bear.
  • UPDATE: Provided the CBA gets done, Colorado Rapids fans can rest easy about losing striker Conor Casey. The club has offered him an improved contract and he will likely spurn a ton of interest from overseas to sign it. He has already rejected a transfer to Turkey this winter and has a long line of German sides at the ready.

There are a few other things marinating and I've been jotting this down in between calls, so let's just get this much up and hope for more. In other words, this could see updates.


And by the way, the Top 5 that I promised for today will be here tomorrow. I got quite distracted by the various chases.

- Greg Seltzer


Brian said...

I didn't even know we were calling him Big Bear.

Greg Seltzer said...

The tears won't come! They just aren't coming!

Tom Long said...

Could you do a little digging and update us on Charles Renken and Joseph Gyau? Thanks.

I know they are in Vancouver training, and they signed with Hoffenheim, but anything else?

Euroman said...

Any info on Clarence Goodson's possible move out of Norway during this transfer window? Also with Jay Needham out of contract anything on his next landing spot?


Greg Seltzer said...

Clarence has some mild interest in Germany and with some of the bigger Scandinavian clubs for a while, but at last check, nothing was really popping.

I think it would probably be wise for him to hang about with Start as a three-pronged plan: 1) continue with regular playing time, which 2) increases his chance of making the World Cup roster, which 3) would put him in the most glitzy shop window there is.

As for Needham, I'm not sure and I'm guessing that Buzz over at 3rd Degree will break that when the time comes. Odds are, anyway.

I do know that Jay's settled in over in Norway and done some good work at two positions (a bit better at D-mid, for my 2 cents). I have no doubt he has MLS interest.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Tom: I was waiting 'til after January 1st, when they officially sign, to contact them through the club. And even beyond that, I was planning to give them a little time before hitting them with a bunch of questions. Not only does it give them space to settle, but then we also have much more to talk about.

DM said...
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