Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another digging day (updated)

I'm probably going to do a combo A few things/Video Tuesday for later, and I have two items in the works for S365: a promised look at the Philly Union squad build thus far and a little special report I've been working on for about a week. Yeah, it's amazing how much one can get done in between episodes of Dexter (a new thrilling discovery for me, thanks to The Distracter).

So, let's again see how much we can learn in a day...

  • I believe Ricardo Clark has begun a trial with Eintracht Frankfurt today, but I won't be able to find out for sure until they finish training in an hour or so.

    UPDATE: I have a slight correction to the above... Clark is expected to sign with the club, pending a medical exam tomorrow. He will sign on through the end of the season, with a club option for either one or two more seasons. I will file a proper report at S365 shortly.

    UPDATE UPDATE: Shazam. By the way, I'd expect he will wear shirt #13, but don't write that in ink.

    UPDATE³: Have a first look at Clark in Eagles training here.
  • A UK report claims that Stuart Holden has left Bolton without an offer and will sign with Portuguese leaders Braga. I've yet to be able to confirm either part of this, but - as you probably figure - am working on it.

    UPDATE: Oddly, Bolton will not confirm passing on Holden. Meanwhile, Braga execs are avoiding me like a hot potato. I'm on it.

    UPDATE UPDATE: The Holden-to-Braga report is full-on hokum. I do not know where the UK scribes get this stuff. I've spoken to the club, who have already made their full allotment of five winter moves (league rules). In a word, Braga says it's 'impossible'.
  • Meanwhile, younger brother Euan Holden has left Vejle BK to train for a week with a mystery English club, presumably below Prem level. The Danes did like him and wanted him to stick around a little while longer, but Holden made the call. Could he go back to Vejle later? I do not know, but should be able to get more details from the manager later this afternoon.
  • Mainz II have extended the trial of Preston Zimmerman for at least another week, and he could go to winter camp with the squad. "Preston is currently still auditioning for our second team," 0-Fivers press officer Silke Bannick told NSC on Tuesday. "So far, he has left good impressions, but the coaches are still up to decide whether he will stay in Mainz or not."
  • Steaua Bucharest told me today that Josh Tudela remains on trial with the club as the coaching staff has yet to decide on him.

    UPDATE: A fresh Romanian report claims that Steaua have signed Tudela to a three-year deal. I will not be able to confirm this until morning.
That's a decent start for ya, but I will be updating this post throughout the day - hopefully often.

New items go down here:
  • Saint-Étienne have confirmed interest in Rennes defender Carlos Bocanegra. I'm hoping to get info on this situation later on today.
  • MK Dons attacker Jemal Johnson has moved on loan to League One cellar dwellers Stockport County. He should be eligible to play tonight.

I will keep trying, but this may be it for today. On a related note, I have that promised MLS special report up at S365.

It's not quite the story I had hoped to tell, but all American clubs contacted from the top two levels stonewalled me. It seems MLS has threatened a massive fine to any club exec that even remotely refers to the CBA situation, and I would assume the USSF has made some similar threatening gesture to all the USSF-D2 teams.

I may be back with a little more later, but for now maybe I'll just put my head in my hands over American soccer's own widespread version of a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Urgh, indeed.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Interesting Clark will only sign until the end of the season...I seem to remember that when Livorno was calling last year he checked the schools out for his family. Frankfurt is a good choice in that regard because of all the international schools / us military personnel.

Thanks Greg, great stuff as always.

Timmy said...

Great scoop on Rico, Greg!

Greg Seltzer said...

I think it's a shrewd move, strago. He could be anywhere from in the Europa League to going free to look around with some Bundesliga experience.

Danke, Tim!

Unknown said...

Greg, are you hearing anything about Feilhaber moving in the winter transfer window? Rumors about his moving to Spain are popping up again but they don't have a timeframe.


Anything regarding Boca leaving Rennes for St. Etienne?

KO said...

@Jordan, everyone else has read that other blog, too. No need to start asking Greg to corroborate or expand on others' stories.

strago said...

Man, Greg is on fire today.

Alex said...

whats the word on deuce?!?!?!

Greg Seltzer said...

Fulham now has the scan results, but are not telling yet. I was told they need to talk to Dempsey first and then the news will be released on the club website. My initial though reaction was that it wasn't going to be good news, but let's hope my instincts are wrong this time.

LReszetar said...

Is the Agbossoumonde loan part of Braga's 5 winter moves?

Greg Seltzer said...

That's a good question, Laurence. I am not sure, to be honest, but I would guess that it does count.

Timmy said...

I don't speak German - if someone does, what did they have to say about the Ruiz incident?

Does anyone know the Frankfurt lineup well? Where does Clark fit in? As a current first choice for Bradley, I would hope he sees a lot of playing time before the WC.

andrés said...

It's interesting that of all the footage they showed of Clark it was the one where he kicked Ruiz. I'm sure the news anchor didn't bother to mention, "well, to be fair, Ruiz was kind of a dick."

-D said...

Didn't say much, just said that he can't commit such brutal fouls. Noting that he was given a red card and suspended for 9 games.

Steven Streff said...

Bocanegra started tonight against St. Entienne.... a change of heart, or maybe showing him off a bit?

strago said...


They dont give a timeframe, just before the end of the season. No surgery is good, so maybe a month or two?

jon said...

A quick search of the web suggests a partial tear (if that is what "moderate damage" means) will require intense physical therapy and if he was fortunate could be back to running in like 8 weeks.

Here's some more info: http://www.hss.edu/conditions_14425.asp

Desert Rat said...

US Soccer's site is also confirming moderate knee ligament damage. No surgery for Deuce.

Sean Heffernan said...

wow...dodged a bullet with the dempsey news...If Clint's not in the lineup for the USMNT in SA we'll have a tough time. One week he scores possibly the best goal ever scored by American in Europe ever and the next game he gets a freak injury. Rotten luck.