Thursday, January 14, 2010

MLS SuperDraft LIVE - Part Deux

A new post so RSS folks know I'm back. I just walked in from my game (scored twice in the first 10 minutes, which I think qualifies as "much better than last week"), so let me get caught up and I will unveil my first round mock-up just before the fun begins.

Back in a moment...


1.39 PM ET - From what I can see, we've had New England deal Chris Albright to NYRB for a couple of middle-of-the-draft picks. Formulating mock first round now...

1.43 PM - Okay, I now see that FC Dallas dealt pick #6 to Philly, which can only mean that Lee Nguyen is about to sign on with his hometown club after presumably being granted a release from his HAGL deal. I've known this for about 2-3 weeks, and I guess there's no point in holding it now.

1.52 PM - And here it is.

Greg's Super-Gospel-y 1st Rd. Mock-up

#1 - Philly - Mwanga F
#2 - New York - Opara D
#3 - San Jose - Tchani M
#4 - K.C. Wizards - Bunbury F
#5 - FC Dallas - Bone M/F
#6 - Philly - Duka M
#7 - Philly - Akpan F
#8 - Columbus - Gavin M
#9 - New England - Lloyd D/M
#10 - Chivas USA - Schilawski
#11 - Seattle - McInerney F
#12 - Columbus - Stahl M
#13 - Chicago - Watson-Siriboe D
#14 - New York - De Luz M
#15 - L.A. Galaxy - Nakazawa M/F
#16 - Real Salt Lake - Wiedeman F

2.07 PM - Danny Mwanaga to Philly first overall.

2.12 PM - Tony Tchani to New York at #2. I suppose Opara's decision to stay in school until May made the Red Bulls go to the hot name.

2.16 PM - Ike Opara to San Jose at #3. Frank Yallop has to be happy.

2.24 PM - Teal Bunbury to KC at #4.

2.28 PM - Zach Lloyd to FC Dallas. Terrific player, but I don't understand the pick.

2.31 PM - Underlassman Amobi Okugo to Philly. I considered putting him for one fo their two picks, but figured they'd want older guys to help right away.

2.43 PM - Sorry, had a net problem momentarily.

Jack McInerney to Philly at at #7. Look... nothing against Okugo or Jack Mac, but ummm, why is the Union trading up to six and seven to grab two guys that probably won't be able to help for a couple years? How on Earth did they not grab Duka with one of these? Cuckoo-time.

The at #8, Dilly Duka to Columbus, a great pick.

2.46 - Seriously, what the hell is Philly thinking? The Crew needs to send the Union a very nice thank you note.

At #9, New England grabs Zach Schilawski. Super pick!

2.53 PM - Chivas USA grabs Blair Gavin at #10, another sweet choice.

2.58 PM - Seattle grabs David Estrada at #12. Say hello to your first big reach of the draft.

3.11 PM - After a five-minute Columbus timeout (what the hell is that anyway?), the Crew selects Bright Dike at #12. Hmmm.

At #13, Chicago takes Corben Bone. I'm assuming the Fire are more than delighted, even if they sorely need defense.

3.22 PM - New York grabs Austin da Luz at #14. I'm Greg Seltzer, and I approve of of this message.

3.25 PM - Why the hell is there no MLS radio coverage of this first round when they know most people in America are at work or school right now? I swear, these very rich people don't seem at all smart a lot of the time. In fact, right this moment, to me, they seem dumb as all f***. I'm actually becoming angry over this overt stupidity/disregard for the fans.

3.33 PM - Okay, apparently L.A. and RSL have a deal to swap picks, because RSL has selected Collen Warner. Of course, I have no clue what happened because MLS has absolute shit first round coverage for anyone not in front of their TV in the middle of Thursday afternoon. I'm now so mad at MLS, I don't even care anymore.

3.36 PM - Seems as though the trade sent Clint Mathis back to L.A. for the 3,762nd time in his career. The Galaxy then take local product Michael Stephens, a nice pick.

The top players left my my count? Andre Akpan, Ofori Sarkodie, Toni Stahl and Kwame Watson-Siriboe.

I think that's gonna do it for me today. This total lack of first round visibility outside espn2 has supremely pissed me right off. Supposedly rounds two through four will be shown online live right here, but of course, so far it is nowhere to be found.

Final analysis: the SuperDraft's biggest loser is MLS. This transparent attempt at information control is beyond bush league. There must not be any mirrors at league headquarters.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Sounds like the opposing team could have used me as their goalie!

KO said...

Greg, any thoughts on where the well-thought-of (according to him) Vincenzo Bernardo will be going?

Michael F said...

yeah, i second what KO said. also, what about those ebi smolarek to the union rumors?

Greg Seltzer said...

I'll ask Vincenzo soon. I figured he'd need to wait til after today anyway.

As for Smolarek, I don't think he's coming to MLS.

Malcolm said...

Cobos is talking about playing a 3-5-2. Ward/Brown/Kroll (nearly signed polish left winger) with Conde at sweeper. You do have Banner, Washington, Robinson and Pause who could fill in at some of those positions for depth. I agree they could use another defender though but its not as huge of a need.

Timmy said...

Greg - couldn't agree more on this coverage. It's just miserable. In case your wondering on the deal - apparently LA sent the 15th and next year's 3rd rounder for the 16th and Clint Mathis.

Congrats on the two goals!

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Gregg: Ward is not a 3-man backliner and Pause is not a defender. A couple others are not exactly bedrocks.

Malcolm said...

@Greg Pause is a defensive midfielder could sub in for Conde in that sweeper position was my thought, he obviously wouldn't fit in the back line.

Ward was pretty awesome while healthy last year but yeah I agree with you could I'd feel more comfortable in a 4-4-2 with him at RB. The Fire has been rumored to have signed a CB recently, I am assuming it was one of the Columbians bit haven't heard much about that otherwise.

Have you heard anything about Collins John coming to Chicago? I've read terms are agreed to and a face to face meeting is the last step.

Greg Seltzer said...

I have not heard on whiff of John-to-Chicago here, but I will certainly ask his agent (and others, if necessary) in the morning. Frankly, the idea strikes me as a mistake.

Jay said...

"3.25 PM - Why the hell is there no MLS radio coverage of this first round when they know most people in America are at work or school right now? I swear, these very rich people don't seem at all smart a lot of the time. In fact, right this moment, to me, they seem dumb as all f***. I'm actually becoming angry over this overt stupidity/disregard for the fans."

Because they know there are quite a few blogs doing all the coverage for them. Why duplicate the effort?

That's a little snarky, so let me put it another way. Quite a number of places this year pointed out that MLS seemed unprepared for the amount of media coverage that the combine was getting. Why would the draft be any different?

Greg Seltzer said...

No snark taken, Jay. And you're right... why should I expect them to be anything but rank amateurs today? It was silly of me.

The American soccer landscape has got to lose this control issue crap. It does not help them at all. They literally kill their own pub. It's infuriating.

Michael F said...

greg, i think it's nuts how quickly you respond to us, thanks so much! it seems like luis gil just faded out of the draft talk? is he staying in hs another year? going to a euro academy? have you heard anything?

Malcolm said...

greg- I see John as a high risk high reward type player in MLS. Only 24 yet has had disciplinary issues. One would think he would come cheap and be humbled by the fact he has to come to the states to redeem his career.

Of course I could be totally wrong about that.

pittmanfan12 said...

Why can't espn show the whole draft? Its a Thursday at almost 5pm. Come on.

Greg Seltzer said...

How Ofori Sarkosie is still on the board is utterly beyond me. And it seems like everyone is rolling over for the Chicago Fire to clean up.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Gregg: Collins John, humbled? Thanks, man. I needed a good laugh right now.

Seriously, I know the guy. It's high risk.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well... actually... everyone's rolling over for Chicago AND Philly to clean up. Self-correction.

Malcolm said...

Greg- Good to know about Collins John.

Thanks for the info.

Jay said...

Just curious, what happened to Brian Perk that caused him to wait to the 4th round (!!) to get picked up? Did he stink it up in the combine? Do GMs expect him to bolt for Europe? Are there simply too many keepers in the game right now and thus no need for new ones?