Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video Tuesday

The glow of the tube, the buzz of the crowd...

Let's kick off with Landon Donovan's post-match debut TV hello to England.

The ESPN Press Pass crew hosts Gabrielle Marcotti to weigh in on Donovan's actual playing debut.

MLS Insider Shawn Francis has a word with new NYRB general manager Erik Soulpatch... erm, Soler.

Combine 2010: Chatting with Erik Soler from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

Have I mentioned how Ronaldinho is really rounding into locomotive form? Yep, this makes two straight Tuesdays with an individual reel from the AC Milan star. I think you'll agree he earned it.

Finally, NSC regular Lawrence has made and offered up the following clip, which celebrates and looks back at some of the guys who've made the last couple decades of USMNT soccer a fun ride for all of us. Not only that, but I'm going to let his words set it up for you:

Our history of soccer in this country isn't full of the kind of victories and achievements that Brazil or England or Italy have... But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love our history. The east coast leagues in the early 1900's, the amateur leagues, the times of just indoor soccer, the NASL, the national teams half made up of immigrants that played in the early 90's. I love it all and instead of people desperately wanting to cling to some other countries' history - we wish we could have Englands or Argentina's legacy... I think our history is truly special, something unique that represents this country and who were are as a soccer nation.

- Greg Seltzer


Desert Rat said...

With regard to Lawrence's clip, goosebumps. Serious goosebumps.

I don't know what will happen this Summer, but I really get the sense that this country is building something that will lead us to greater glory in the future.

Jay said...

Okay, yeah, that video was amazing. I seriously got a little misty with that. Soccer in the US has come so far, and these guys have so much to do with it.

I'm thrilled that Wynalda is getting into coaching, and I hope one day to see Reyna involved too. Whatever happened to John O'Brien?

jon said...

Speaking of John O'Brien, there's an interview up with him at Goal.com where he talks up Michael Bradley and what the US needs to do in SA next summer.