Monday, January 18, 2010

The World Cup needs Deuce

*Waiting inside a balmy Wembley for the Euro '96 semi-final between England and Germany to kick-off, I heard Jurgen Klinsmann had not recovered from injury in time to play.

No schadenfreude from me then, as I wanted the satisfaction of beating Germany's finest and gaining revenge for the heartbreaking Italia '90 semi-final. Ditto the news Clint Dempsey might miss out on the Rustenburg showdown on June 12th makes me sad. I want the see the best v the best every time and no true fan should want it otherwise for the game's biggest stage.

We await the news of Deuce's MRI scan in the morning. This medical website gives the earliest possible return from posterior cruciate ligament damage as six months, so just as the World Cup is starting...
If that was Deuce's World Cup dream over, at least he left the field a statesman. For Fulham against Blackburn, he showed fervor, creativity, an eye for goal, sublime skill and a refusal to admit he was out the game until he could run no longer. What an EPL player he has become, and what a loss to the Nats this summer he would be.

But as you may recall, Germany without their star man that night still beat England.

*Landon Donovan's entry into the Premier League has drawn plaudits all round, although the doyen of the hacks, Brian Glanville seems to have a scoop that Donovan played for Borussia Dortmund.

*Fulham's evening with Brian McBride had to be cancelled because of the snow earlier this month but he did speak briefly on his return to West London to Fulham TV

* FIFA put the finishing touch on their almighty cock-up by refusing to ban Thierry Henry for even a single game following the most globally-televised cheating in soccer since Diego Maradona's Hand of God in 1986. Yes, the existing rules may not permit an exceptional sanction, but wasn't the outrage and desire for justice exceptional too? Surely FIFA should have shown they are listening to the soccer world instead of just pompously ruining, I mean running the game as usual. Seriously, what the....? I give up.

* After Diego Maradona's crash course in street Spanish, improve your Brazilenglish with ex-South Africa boss Joel Santana, from last year's Confederations Cup:

-Sean O'Conor, London


angler23 said...

Looks to me like the reference to the 6 month recovery period is for an ACL injury, and that the website you reference almost dismisses the PCL injury as mostly involved in car accidents. If Duece injured his PCL, and it doesn't require surgery (I know, I know, lots of ifs here), it looks like recovery can be much faster. We shall see.

JJO said...
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JJO said...

I'm hoping it's a sprain and not a tear of any sort. That would have a recovery time of 6-8 weeks instead of 6-8 months. PCL is the least common of the 4 cruciate ligaments. A torn PCL is really uncommon in sporting injuries.