Monday, March 29, 2010

Gomez reveals USMNT contact (updated)

Just before beating Club América with a late free kick off the bench, red-hot Puebla forward Herculez Gomez divulged that U.S. coach Bob Bradley is taking note of his recent goal-scoring exploits. "There has been contact," he stated.

"I have a small possibility of being called," said Gomez, now tied for second in the league with seven goals despite playing just 556 minutes. "They know what I am doing here. The media and fans are showing support for me (to be called up) because at this moment I am the one forward from my country that is scoring goals."

UPDATE: Please go here for an NSC quote clarification from Gomez himself.

- Greg Seltzer


DM said...

My first instinct is CALL HIM UP! But his argument that he deserves a callup because he's the only forward in the MNT pool who's scoring goals is a cheap one. I'd like to play devil's advocate for a second.

I don't know what Gomez's personality is like, and I know that Bradley guards the MNT's locker room chemistry very carefully. Gomez has always been touted as talented, and his spectacularly unproductive years in MLS continue to be a mystery. This suggests that his deficient productivity was due to mental inferiority, not a lack of ability. Was Gomez sulking during that lowly period? Perhaps he was suffering from poor self-esteem? I wonder if Bradley is hesitating to call him up because he's worried about introducing an unstable personality into the mix so late into the WC buildup.

Then again, it could be that Gomez has become more mature by plying his trade in a more demanding environment, both on and off the pitch. His work ethic seems to be decent, based on the highlights I've seen.

What's going on? I hope he's as much of an asset to the national team as he seems. If he's not going to be a disruptive force in the locker room, he absolutely deserves a look.

joedavis4 said...

Hey greg, can we get an interview over at S365?? Id love to know how the Mexican league compares to MLS, and if he thinks that playing in MLS gives him an advantage in this league since it is slower paced.

D said...

DM, I think it's more of the latter explanation. He's in a more demanding environment and has, therefore, raised his game accordingly.

He did not misspeak in my opinion. It's the truth. He is the only forward scoring goals on a consistent basis. I like the swagger and hope, should he be chosen, that he can bring it to the WC!

TJ said...

I think the real reason for his drop in production over the course of his MLS career was that he was being played out of position, especially during his time in Kansas City.

If he can keep up his current form, why the hell shouldn't he get a spot on the roster?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ DM: I don't think that is quite how he meant it. I think you're taking it the wrong way and also forgetting my Spanish translation may be slightly off. :D

@ joe: I spoke to Herc today and we will have a chat soon.

petepstl7 said...

I like his confidence and his swagger. If he continues these big league goals there is no doubt that he should be given a chance to perform on the big stage. The question is whether he can continue the same results for the next two and a half months and into the WC and his locker room demeanor. Time will tell on this one and I wish Gomez much success. Tic Toc...