Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few things...

Just imagine Bayern 's attack if they'd also been able to land Wesley Sneijder from Real last summer...

#1 - I had a good chat with nice guy Kenny Cooper the other evening, and despite some struggles this season, he isn't giving up World Cup 2010 hopes just yet.

Those two stray Top 5 Lists are still on hold, but I will have a Champions League final four preview at S365 tomorrow.

I had also been planning to do a Wolfsburg v Fulham LIVE tomorrow... but Clint Dempsey will miss out with a thigh knock.

#2 -
U.S. Soccer has appointed Captain America, Claudio Reyna, as youth technical director. I knew he had an "A" coaching license, but didn't see him getting into anything so soon. Good stuff.

- S365 co-hort Richard Snowden advises that MLS would do well to beg its way into Copa Libertadores in order to take full advantage of all those new Designated player slots. I'd say that's a damn fine notion.

Meanwhile, Eben Lehman has his weekly look back at Mexico's Bicentario.

- A few bits from the Houston Chronicle:

- As World Cup hopeful Brian Ching hits the shelf...
- Cam Weaver & Lovel Palmer are set for season bows
- Houston finally has a municipal stadium deal

Also, Joseph Ngwenya could be back with the club soon.

- The New York Red Bulls could get even better before long; Chris Albright is nearing a long-awaited return to action.

- What of Hamburg forward/slinger Paolo Guerrero's weekend fan bop? Well, the club has dipped hard into his wallet and the league is investigating. Ya know what? I bet his season is about to end prematurely.

- The way Serie A is run is a total joke. I'm sorry, but is anyone surprised that Inter Milan are being hauled into the match fixing scandal of 2006?

I especially love how Juventus, who won the 1996 Champions League final super-doped to the gills, want the stripped title back. Har-dee-har-har.

- Guardian tactician supremo Jonathan Wilson talks up a topic dear to my heart: high pressure.

As a hockey guy, one of my best and favorite attributes was the forecheck, to limit options and cause mistakes. And just think of how much better the 'Nats look when Jozy, Clint, Landon and Charlie are giving the opposition backline a hard time.

- Greg Seltzer

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Will said...

I just can't see an MLS team playing in the Copa Libertadores. I'd love to see it, too, but the squads just aren't big enough at the moment.

Now that the MLS has addresses the low end of the salary pool somewhat, the next thing they need to work on is larger squad sizes.