Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Charlie stuff (updated)

First, we have a local news report featuring Charlie Davies and a groundbreaking piece of rehab equipment he used to aid his remarkable recovery efforts.

Then, we turn to an article that appeared in this morning's L’Est Républicain. In it, Sochaux chief Alexandre Lacombe states that Davies 'will not play this Ligue 1 season' because they don't want to risk it and that he feels it is 'too soon for a return' that would see the forward in the USMNT's World Cup squad.

I'm not sure if he's giving his take or if this is set in club stone, but I am trying to reach Sochaux. In any event, I'm not giving up on him being in South Africa until Charlie does, despite how discouraging this article sounds.

UPDATE: Alright, everybody take a deep breath. I have spoken to Sochaux. Monsieur Lacombe's statements were indicative of his personal outlook on the matter and not of an official medical decision of any kind.

To sum up, Davies has not been shut down for the season or halted in any way from continuing his World Cup chase.

Said Sochaux press officer Stijn Slaats to NSC: "At this moment, Charlie is working very hard on his rehab and we do all hope he will be able to accomplish his dream to be in the World Cup, without taking any risks of overcharging his rehab schedule."

[Photo: Charlie Davies]

- Greg Seltzer


Lawrence said...

Ohhh that's who Hashimoto is, saw in in the 2006 WC patching up McBride

Jason said...

I believe the article on Davies ends by saying "it's too early for him to make projections about that (making the World Cup roster)." My French is a little rusty, but that's how I read it.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, my French is also a bit cobwebbish, so I'm not 100% certain of my context translation.