Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few things...

[Photo: Reuters]

Things are a bit hectic at the moment. My input to NSC is going to change a bit in a few days, but we'll get into that later. I'm also thinking about adding a third hand around here, just not sure who to ask or who might want to join up. Hmmm...

- Fresh the cut, Bob Bradley and his World Cup USMNT squad visited President Obama and USA bid figure former President Clinton at the White House today.

Meanwhile, ESPN's Wayne Drehs reveals how some of the 'Nats found out they were in the team for South Africa.

- In case you missed some of my output the last few days:

- USMNT FA's DMB & 'Dolo drawing interest
- A Group C spy report on England, Algeria & Slovenia
- U.S. v Czech Rep. Player Ratings
- My latest MLS Club Ladder

- S365 co-hort Andrew Winner talks to San Jose's Bobby Convey, who has an eye on getting back into the USMNT scene after WC10.

- A couple of notes regarding linkery: SI's Grant Wahl has opened up shop on his World Cup blog (yeah, go bookmark that) and NSC reader Chris Anderson has started a new endeavor called Soccer Quantified (you know how I love numbers).

I've also added Fake Sigi to the Reading Room roster after forgetting to include this NYRB rant in the last AFT - saves me brain power.

Speaking of numbers love, Climbing The Ladder tallies the history of MLS hat tricks.
I didn't realize Chivas USA has never had one.

- NSC favorite Gabriele Marcotti issues a Top 5'er on things England needs to figure out before facing our boys for Si.

Back at his day job, the scribe notes how The Special One's flight to Real Madrid is not actually booked yet. And on that note, The Mail claims Inter Milan now want to pay through the nose for England boss Fabio Capello. Man, I need to get into coaching.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

"My input to NSC is going to change a bit in a few days.."

That sounds ominous, Greg. You're not leaving us, are you?

Greg Seltzer said...

Not leaving, no no. There will be just a couple changes.

Matt said...

Phew. That smells like opportunity knocking to me--hopefully some massive site has tasked you with leading their football coverage--but I guess we'll hear soon enough.

Those sorts of carefully ambiguous sentences are always worrisome. It's kind of like a CEO calling for an all-hands-on meeting. Those are rarely good...