Thursday, June 10, 2010

Excuse me. It's not purple. It is MAUVE.

Well, it's now official. Sacha Kljestan has joined Anderlecht. And for those who've been hand wringing lately over any possible conflict of interest with getting into the news business, I have a clue for you.

Thanks to Simon Borg, I was tipped off to this in the middle of last week, before any sniff of it surfaced anywhere. We tried both clubs and Kljestan's agent, both last week and this, and no one would confirm a thing - even though my Belgian birdie had me correctly filled in on all the details this weekend. A total, un-breachable stonewall at every turn.

So there ya go: league secrecy trumps our news gathering like a mofo. I may now work for the MLS website and I may now have aid from some great co-staffers, but I am still very much on my own when it comes to closing the deal on a story. I get no preferred info treatment.

And so my bad Kljestan scoop luck continues... but you can be pretty sure I will be at his competitive debut.

- Greg Seltzer

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