Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few things... (updated)

So here's the deal: starting today, some of my stuff will be shifting around. I will still be at S365 and here at NSC, but most all of my Americans abroad and USMNT prattle is heading to MLSsoccer.com, where eventually I'll have my own page. I will start dropping bits there later today (UPDATE: first one a USMNT Top 5'er). Do not despair, however, as travelin' man Sean is heading to South Africa and NSC will have a third scribe on board very soon...

#1 - A couple of notes from the USMNT Blog: the squad numbers for World Cup have been submitted (so you can all go get your jerseys done now) and Clint Dempsey has picked up the Fulham Goal of the Year Award for his ice cream scoop against Juventus - certainly no shocker there.

#2 - The Guardian has a link to every World Cup squad by group on their main tourney page.

#3 - The Chronicle's Toby Miller shoots down any snide views that liking soccer or World Cup is un-American.

#4 - Nutmeg Radio's Miriti Murungi breaks down the MLS single entity implications of a court case involving the NFL. I'd swear lawyers make things extra complicated just so no one else can understand.

#5 - South American reports have Chivas USA closing on Atlante's Venezuela striker ace Giancarlo Maldonado.

#6 - From the "rich get richer" file: ex-St. Louis midfield ace Shannon Boxx has joined up with WPS leaders FC Gold Pride.

#7 - Back at The Guardian, Owen Gibson continues the examination of exactly how much positive effect South Africa will experience from hosting World Cup 2010.

#8 - Finally, a Dutch hardware store ad offers Oranje a way to get through those tricky penalty shootouts...

- Greg Seltzer

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Matt said...

I envision various editors sitting around in a smokey room fighting over your prose. Hopefully that's how it went down. As of right now, you're pretty much the only reason I ever visit MLSSoccer.com after that disastrous launch...