Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the Land of Donovan...

- Stateside TV viewers be sure to tune in for Landon's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, tonight (11:30pm ET, on CBS).

- Yahoo Sport's Martin Rogers notes that aspiring superpower Manchester City have sent scouts to watch Donovan in these world cup matches, and might tempt the SoCal native with a lucrative salary. After losing pacey playmaker Martin Petrov to Bolton, and with similarly mercurial Welsh winger Craig Bellamy linked with a move, there is some sense to the idea - albeit with risks.

- Also on Yahoo, Rogers overviews how the World Cup limelight (and 3-goal performance) might give Donovan an even bigger marketing profile. The already poster boy of US Soccer could take some cues from Galaxy teammate and world's biggest soccer commodity David Beckham.

* In many respects, Landon would make an excellent 'Park Ji-Sung' type acquisition for clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea, who could use his dynamism and team-focus to balance their rosters, and his marketability to make further inroads into the US market. Shirt sales alone could cover a big part of any transfer fee.

- Yes, US Weekly is speculating on Bianca Kajlich's - Landon's estranged wife - reaction to tabloid fodder that her soccer star partner fathered a child while on loan at Everton. The paternity potential is already old news, but having the story sustain the US celebrity press' attention is totally new territory for the sport in this country.

- and finally... if you're still stuck in the Wonder Years with baseball cards, your Donovan cards just earned you some change.

- Johannes de Jong


andrés said...

"Shirt sales alone could cover a big part of any transfer fee."

This is a great point Greg, one that I'm surprised hasn't been talked about more. People wonder how Everton would cover the transfer fees, viola!

Matt said...

Dear god, I hope (and believe) that Landon has the good sense to stay far, far away from Manchester City. That has riding the pine written all over it.

I hope Everton can make it happen. That really would be the dream fit.

And, nice work, Johannes, you've fit in quite nicely around these parts. Tell Greg to give you a raise.

Greg Seltzer said...

I think you mean great point, Johannes. :D