Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 5 "Are You Kidding Me?" World Cup 2010 Snubs

I nearly didn't do this one, as it seemed so obvious and I figured facsimiles would be everywhere. I hadn't seen anything, so... here we are.

It's very simple, the title says it all. Most of my picks are precisely a shade of player not on the particular manager's palette in South Africa. Let's commence...

Honorable mentions: Adam Johnson (England), Alexandre Pato (Brazil), Javier Zanetti (Argentina)

#5 - Alex (Brazil)

Juan, again? Gilberto, still? I was gonna go with Johnson here, because England so clearly needs him to balance out the 43 speedy right wingers along, but this habitually underrated defender is the best fit backliner among World Cup nations not going to the party. He had to make the list.

#4 - Ronaldinho (Brazil)

Yes, you again, Dunga. I realize you have oodles of talent to choose from and could well win without these two players, but sheesh... you're leaving Ronaldinho behind, and one that notched 12 goals and 15 helpers in Serie A this season. I'll give the Brazil boss one thing: he has some kinda balls. If they don't win, he'll never hear the end of it so long as he lives.

#3 - Giuseppe Rossi (Italy)

No, I'm not trying to include this New Jersey-born agitant to American soccer sensibilities in order to cause anyone annoyance. It's just that the five strikers Italy has in South Africa do not constitute the most varied bunch when it comes to style and skills. The lone buzzing little bomber is 32-year old Antonio Di Natale. The Azzurri also won't have Del Piero or Totti, so an X-factor in attack will need to step forward if they hope to repeat. And yeah... it appears, for now, that he may have chosen the wrong shirt.

#2 - Karim Benzema (France)

How is it exactly that this Real Madrid livewire has only three caps since the start of 2009? For crying out loud, he scored twice given barely past 90 minutes of World Cup qualifying time. Sure, as I predicted last summer, he got lost a bit in the highly political Galacticos selection - but the guy still found time to net 10 and assist on four. Naturally, Benzema is exactly the type of forward not coming to South Africa with them. Next time you want to moan about Bob Bradley, imagine having Raymond Domenech... that'll cure ya right up.

#1 - Esteban Cambiasso (Argentina)

If I even need to explain this, you have likely stumbled onto the wrong blog by mistake.

- Greg Seltzer


jelky said...

#6 Samir Nasri? Man, I'm gonna miss that guy, I love watching him play.

Diesel said...

No. 7: Brian Ching ...

Just kidding.