Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seriously, what the hell are they thinking?

Soccer By Ives has the details on precisely how urgently stupid CONCACAF is - and not only does this new idiocy plan for World Cup qualifying mean no USA v Mexico, it also means that each of the next tier teams (Costa Rica, Honduras, etc.) will miss playing one or other of the big boys in the final round. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

If I wasn't set to move tomorrow, I'd rip them a new one at length. Just can't be arsed right now.

- Greg Seltzer


kj said...

The again, that happens all the time in other confederations. Hell, look at the European qualifying: single group stage drawn from the beginning.

(Don't get me started on the disproportionate number of teams UEFA gets into the World Cup. Gah.)

AdamTheRed said...

CONCACAF is a joke. Now we lose some of the best teams possibly...HON, CRC and MEX.

I think the Caribbean save Jamaica and T and T should have their own confederation and duke it out like Oceanic Confed.


Drew said...

the fizzle. it burns.

geez, talk about a buzzkill. : (

the biggest, most intense match for us regional rivals is no longer.

between this and mr. sweatsuit staying put. . . weak sauce.

TrueCrew said...

Bah! You are all wrong. What CONCACAF did was for the best for the majority of the confederation, which IS their job, by the way.

More games for the minnows. The second round will be a group stage, not a kockout, meaning more games (and wins) for the minnows.

The result, more games, and better rankings for the lower half of CONCACF. Plus, each will get a TV/big money game against one of the upper level teams (USA, Mex, CR, Honduras, etc).

As for the contenders, you now get 16 teams in the SF round instead of 12, and 8 in the final round instead of 6.

More money for the middle of the pack. Rankings go up for all teams in the region, and thus improving the chances for a Mexico/USA seed.
Also, more teams in the running for the 3/4th spots.

Growing the game in the region is the goal, and this is a step in the right direction.