Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ladies and gentleman, I offer you... collective pain. (updated)

I love that the editors let me title this one (and saved me by remembering the right midfielder I'd forgotten). I'm already working on an idea for my next themed XI, but wanted to share this one - in part because you all rule and in part because one of you will surely be able to tell me if I missed anyone.

Once MLS Cup is done and all the little drafts have occurred, look for more fun stuff over at MLSS. We've got a couple creative things in the holster, as is.

UPDATE: And speaking of MLS business at hand, you can listen live to commish Don Garber's media conference call, during which he will discuss rule changes for next season. Fun!

- Greg Seltzer

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jon said...

I never knew Simon Poulson had an American father. But that does explain away my curiosity during the WC at seeing the most un-Poulson looking Poulson on the Danish side.