Saturday, January 22, 2011

Double Deuce and Johnny Midfield (updated)

No, this is not about the latest doomed cinematic pairing of Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke. We will eventually have a hat trick of clips here as Clint Dempsey's brace led Fulham to victory and Jonathan Spector's continued lethality helped West Ham gain a 2-2 draw at Everton.

Clips soon...

UPDATE: While we wait for those, check out Josh Gatt's debut assist on Molde's friendly winner - a classic winger play.

: It's showtime. Mind your volume on these initial clips, the sound is bad. Deuce's clip is first, and Spector (who has gone into Mikey Bradley mode with the hair, further enhancing his midfield stature) follow, with his goal first on the reel.

szólj hozzá: Fu2-0St[]wmv

szólj hozzá: Ev2-2We[]wmv

- Greg Seltzer

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Alex Larsen said...

hot dang clint's touch on that second one...