Friday, January 28, 2011

How do you say "Oof!" in German?

I've got some bad news, I'm afraid. About an hour ago, I called Eintracht Frankfurt hoping to set up an interview with Ricardo Clark. I was informed that the handyman had just suffered a broken cheekbone in training and will miss about a month.

I winced through the entire conversation with their spokesman; does that not sound like one of the most annoyingly painful injuries or what? It probably hurts to do anything. Poor Ricardo, get well soon.

On another injury update note, I should learn the results of Oguchi Onyewu's exam tomorrow before any of you wake, so there should be a post here or report at MLSS waiting. I didn't think it was very serious, but the delay in finding out exactly how much so has me a bit concerned.

- Greg Seltzer


Jamie said...

Oof! There's never a good time for an injury, but just after he's started to make some progress with the club at a new position -- this is a distinctly bad time for an injury.

Bozeman Blitzz said...

I've broken my zygomatic (cheek bone) before, and it hurts like a bitch. Speedy recovery, Mr. Clark.