Friday, January 14, 2011

In not transfer news...

Here's an interesting little tidbit about one that won't happen this winter that I picked up on the transfer scoop chase. Apparently, 'Gladbach have had several calls since summer about Michael Bradley and do not even bother to listen. One of his Euro-reps told me: "The manager says, 'If he goes, we don't have a chance to stay up'. He won't even listen (to offers)."

Double hearsay or not, I thought you might like to "hear" it. And, of course, if they do go down, Mikey will be off this summer, perhaps even to one of those clubs we periodically see linked with interest for him.

- Greg Seltzer


Chris Anthony said...

Is Bradley's contract up this summer?

Greg Seltzer said...

No, he'll have one more year left at season's end.