Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Mikey Chronicles (updated)

This morning, Kicker reports that it was Fenerbahçe, and not Galatasaray, who has had an offer accepted by 'Gladbach for Michael Bradley. They also say Aston Villa have come in with a loan offer, which the player favors.

And now you know why I didn't have a Gala report; their offer was not good enough. Sometimes, I'm as happy not to run a bad story as I am to bust out a good scoop.

UPDATE: Fresh Italian rumours have added Bari, Brescia and Cagliari to the crowd around Mikey. If this is correct, by my count, that brings us up to at least 10 current suitors for his services - and there's probably more we don't know about. Face it: he is worth well more than €5 million.

UPDATE UPDATE: NSC pal Luke Cyphers is reporting that the Villa loan is on for reals. And uncle Jeff says it's done.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Greg you're the man. I could see him slotting in at Aston Villa nicely. Give their midfield a nice bite.

Any word on Gooch?

Thanks as always, btw I'm serious when I say you should have some "premium" type forum similar to college basketball/football sites.

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm not sure about Villa, as I am not sure about Houllier and they just bought Makoun.

For Gooch word, see the next post. :D

You're welcome. But if I went to some premium arrangement, I'd have to be sure I could give everyone their money's worth and right now most of leg work is to supply MLSS. Maybe at some point in the future, though.

Lawrence said...

Yeah, Houllier doesn't rank high in my book. Seems like a bit of a disaster, whether he is competent or not at the game, still seems like a disaster.

Jamie said...

Yes! I have been fantasizing for this move for some time now! I figured I'd have to put it on hold after the Makoun transfer, and honestly, I figured hell would sooner freeze over than Houllier bring in an American, but so long as Bradley is given a real chance to prove himself, I think this could be a great move for him and the club!

But I still don't like Houllier one bit.