Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re: Gooch

I have a report waiting in the in-box for the MLSS editor that wakes up first, but I can go ahead and spill the gist here. The back-side ribcage injury Oguchi Onyewu suffered against PSV in midweek cup action will keep him out of tomorrow's clash with F-word, but Twente do expect him back in full training some time next week.

As for the now merely possible USMNT friendly in Egypt on February 9th, this mild strain probably would not keep him out of Bob Bradley's selection (assuming Bradley would have selected him for this match without the injury setback). I could be wrong there, but like I said... "probably".

So I guess that about covers that.

- Greg Seltzer

[Photo: FC Twente]


Bryan said...

Hey Greg - where was Gooch lined up Wednesday vs PSV? Certainly this left back business can't go on for too long!

Air said...

what about if Egypt is still blowing up? Will the US team still go?