Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silly season

* Is the New York Cosmos' appointment of Eric Cantona anything more than a PR stunt? No, as Eric has no passion for administration, but PR is important at this stage and the wow factor is grabbing attention before the real battles of raising the money begin in earnest...It's often forgotten it was Sheffield Wednesday who brought Eric to England before stupidly passing on him. Harkesy pops up briefly in this video of the occasion.

*It must be the silly season when Ruud Gullitt is off to Chechnya of all places...

* Ex.Co. member Chuck Blazer reveals Michel Platini and others were discussing a winter World Cup weeks before the 2022 vote and denies the amazing rumor he voted for Qatar; meanwhile, good old Jack Warner is spearheading a campaign for four automatic qualification places for CONCACAF, instead of the current three and a half. Anything to do with Sepp Blatter needing votes for another presidential term?

* If Qatar was a bold choice, how about Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, who are putting together a joint bid for World Cup 2030.

* I watched a lot of Clarke Carlisle playing with Jay DeMerit at Watford, but never thought the mild-mannered and debonaire defender, now at Burnley, would have made a name for himself as a clever-clogs. He appeared as a contestant on Countdown, a TV version of Scrabble and tonight becomes the first sportsman to appear on the BBC's weekly political debate show Question Time. Bravo Clarke for smashing stereotypes about footballers.

*Finally, witness the rare spectacle of Barcelona getting creamed, at Real Betis -

-Sean O'Conor

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