Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top 5 Señor Chang Moments (To Date)

This is pretty self-explanatory and entirely me goofing around. There were a few moments I hated to leave out - but that's why they call it a Top 5 and not a Top 8. If you don't watch Community, start.

#5 - "All in yo caebza"

Talk about elaborate lengths to kick off a semester...

#4 - The Valentine's Day Bet

Poor Troy. Just look away, baby. I'm still trying to find this song (is it Black Eyed Peas?).

#3 - Pencils Down

As in all these clips, the other actors rise to his level of genius. Here, the utterly winning Alison Brie is his accomplice in simple brilliance.

#2 - The Duncan Principle

Only the first half of this clip is relevant, but I included the longer one to have the set-up. Ken Jeong goes from chilled to crazy in a flash as good as anyone.

#1 - "Señor Chang, Why do you teach Spanish?

The best Señor Chang moment thus far was also his first on the show. Welcome to class, kiddies. Indeed.

- Greg Setlzer


Jamie said...

Love it. Keep it up.

Denny said...

oh god, i'm definitely going to need start watching this...

Brian said...

Denny, the fact that you aren't already watching it makes me Changry. The first season would be a worthwhile investment, if only for "Modern Warfare."